Dropout: 5 Shows You Should Be Watching!

Streaming services exist in a cutthroat environment, with powerhouses like Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix, and Hulu, so you might miss the underrated picks. That’s why we’re here to tell you about Dropout, our new favorite find!

So what is Dropout?

Dropout wasn’t always Dropout. It started off as a YouTube channel called CollegeHumor, posting mostly sketches and skits. In 2020, CollegeHumor’s parent company, IAC, dropped out, selling the company to current CEO Sam Reich after months of negotiation. After basically rebuilding the company from the ground up with 7 employees, they rebranded the company and went all in on streaming.

Streaming services share a lot of content but not Dropout. Their content is unique, and you won’t find it anywhere else! They offer subscribers ad-free, hilarious content through various improvised comedy shows! The best part is that it’ll only run you $5.99 a month. Dropout has a wide variety of shows to choose from. To narrow it down, here are some of our favorites.

Game Changer

Dropout’s most popular show Game Changer is a show whose rules change with every episode. The show is designed around creativity, letting the contestants’ personalities shine. The show creates unique concepts while also putting spins on what’s already well-known. One of the more popular games they’ve played on the show is a spin-off of Simon Says, where prompts will be given that require contestants to improvise a solution. You never know what you’re getting with this show, but you can always count on it being entertaining. Game Changer is also in talks of becoming an Emmy nominee. If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will.

Dimension 20

Dropout’s most popular show, Dimension 20, is one of the most famous Dungeons and Dragons play shows. Brennan Lee Mulligan, the primary dungeon master, hosts various campaigns, reaching fantasy, sci-fi, action, and horror genres. Dimension 20 isn’t just a Dungeons and Dragons show, it’s the show that gets you INTO Dungeons and Dragons. The best part about Dimension 20 is that you don’t need any prior understanding of how the game works; you can go into it with no knowledge of DnD, and it will still be just as entertaining. The creativity in this show, the thrilling moments, and the humor will bring you to tears of joy, sadness, and laughter all in one episode. If you haven’t watched a Dungeons and Dragons show, Dimension 20 is where you start. If you have watched a Dungeons and Dragons show, you NEED to watch Dimension 20.

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry is a show where all of the lovable cast members of Dropout come together to unload their secrets onto each other over drinks. This show emphasizes the chemistry between the cast members and their understanding of each other, and we, the audience, get to play along. Dirty Laundry is a great show because of the cohesion between the cast members. When they joke with each other while spilling their deep secrets, you feel their companionship, compelling you to come back for more. 

Very Important People

Dropout loves improv, so what better than to gather the cast, give them complete makeovers, and have them interviewed by Vic Michaelis, where they create their character based on the makeover they were given!

Very Important People is hilarious. It lets the cast get into their element and do what they do best. There are so many unforgettable and hilarious moments throughout the show, from mental health advocates to the second pig of the three little pigs. The show has a vibe and a type of humor that you can not find anywhere else, and for that, it definitely deserves a watch. 


Dropout recently released a new show that has quickly become a favorite for all fans. Thousandaires give its cast $1000 to do whatever they want for their friends and the show. So far, we’ve seen a drag show, time machine, and goth makeovers for the cast. The cast’s creativity about what to do with the money is unthinkable. Despite a simple and easy-to-understand theme, you will always be pleasantly surprised by what this show will introduce, and it will guarantee you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Where Dropout differs from the rest, however, is not just their one-of-a-kind rotation of incredible shows or their diverse and hilarious cast. It’s their attention to the community, to each other, and to spreading a positive message that reaches everyone. When you’re watching Dropout, it doesn’t feel like you’re watching a streaming service that you’re paying $5.99 monthly for. It feels like you’re watching a group of impressively talented friends support each other in creating an entertaining show. Dropout fosters respect for all of its employees, and it’s a creative platform that lets its creatives breathe.

Dropout is a streaming service that uses its platform for good. It constantly spreads the message of inclusivity for all and makes frequent donations to charitable causes. When you subscribe to Dropout, you come for the authentic, creative shows and hilarious comedy. But you stay for the cast and the community because Dropout is a subscription that you feel no shame for, and those are hard to come by.

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