Dropout TV: The Streaming Service You Didn’t Know You Needed!

There are a lot of streaming services out there these days, but for comedy lovers, this is the streaming service for you and we’re going to let you know why!

There’s a lot (and I mean a lot) of streaming services out there these days to choose from. Prices are getting higher, password sharing is being cracked down upon, and shows that you bought a subscription for are getting yanked without warning. Needless to say, it’s a tough time to be a TV lover. However, for comedy and D&D lovers, there is a haven to be found: Dropout TV. At only $6 per month, it is, what I truly believe to be, the streaming service with the most bang for your buck if you care about even one of their programs. With that, here are a few reasons to invest.

Miss CollegeHumor? The Cast Is All Here!

For those unaware, in January 2020, CollegeHumor’s parent company made the decision to no longer finance their work. Something which, sadly, led to the layoffs of over 100 employees after the new solo owner, Sam Reich, was forced to close the website to keep the company afloat.

However, in the midst of sad news, the baby streaming service kept chugging forward with a small staff and, over the past 3 years, have built themselves up into a powerhouse of improvised comedy. CollegeHumor/Dropout TV continues to support the comedians you may remember from their YouTube golden age–such as Ally Beardsley, Zach Oyama, and Rehka Shankar–with a fervor and you will continue to see them pop up on projects throughout the platform.

Not to mention, beyond supporting an independent company of already beloved folks, they lift up fresh comedic talent and allow them to shine in shows that truly display their prowess– such as in Game Changer and Make Some Noise.

Dimension 20 and Beyond

This, in my opinion, is usually the gateway; what puts the butts in seats. If you care about Dungeons and Dragons, this is going to be the first thing people mention when they try to sell you on Dropout.

Dropout TV is the one and only home of the acclaimed Dungeons and Dragons actual play show, Dimension 20, featuring the ever-beloved Brennan Lee Mulligan as primary Dungeon Master (though occasional player) and a rotating cast of incredible guests and stories, it is a D&D show for the ages. You will laugh, you will cry, you will quote bits that your friends don’t understand but you do and that’s what matters. For many people, Dimension 20 alone is worth $6 a month, however, there’s so much more to explore than that.

You have incredible shows such as Game Changer, the show where the game changes every single episode, or Make Some Noise, a competitive improv show with ridiculous prompts, and you get “laugh to till you cry” moments such as this:

Or this:

(and yes, that is Wayne Brady singing about… personal time.)

They’re Strike Supporters!

During the start of the strike, despite not being on the list of struck content, they still voluntarily ended production during the beginning of the strike in order to further confirm there would be no conflict with the WGA’s demands. Something they continued once the SAG-AFTRA strike began, verifying that all contracts were union compliant.

Dropout has a long history of union support, encouraging its subscribers and talent to speak out on these causes and participate. They provide a platform for independent talent that is truly unparalleled in an industry that often leaves people struggling for support.

Though, could you truly expect any less from a company run by the son of a former secretary of labor?

The Price

This is by far one of the more obvious examples, but one worth mentioning nevertheless. As prices continue to climb with streaming services, with Netflix currently sitting at $15.49 and Hulu soon to jump to $18 in October, Dropout TV has the same price since the beginning of its run: $6.00.

Along with its free trial and the several deals they run throughout the year, you probably won’t even end up paying that much for your first year of service. Thus, there’s nothing to lose if you’re interested in exploring even one of Dropout’s selections. It’s a win-win situation!


This is only a handful of reasons to support Dropout TV in an ever-changing industry that is often inhospitable to creatives, but it is a truly special platform that doesn’t provide your typical streaming fare. It is a service that seeks to expand your idea of what a streaming service can provide to you, remaining loyal to its niche, and truly believes in the staying power of its work.

If there is even a part of you that loves weird comedy, Dungeons and Dragons, improv, game shows, etc., then there will be something here for you. By supporting companies like Dropout TV, you are supporting more of the stuff you want to see directly from creators!

Which is almost as rewarding as watching a grown man lose his mind over a game show with made-up rules (sorry, Brennan).

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