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AFTERBUZZ TV – Downton Abbey UK edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of PBS’s Downton Abbey. In this show, host John Comerford breaks down the episode in which Alfred takes a test to train as a chef at The Ritz, under Escoffier, but is not accepted. Carson considers re-hiring the morose Mr. Molesley if Alfred leaves, but he’s not happy about the demotion back to footman; unfortunately he dithers for too long over whether to accept, and loses the chance. Thomas sees Cora’s new ladies maid Baxter as a replacement for Miss O’Brien, and wants her to make friends with everyone, and spy on them for him. When a tenant farmer dies owing lots of rent, Mary and Tom want to end the lease and run the farm themselves, but the son appeals directly to The Earl, who lends him money and agrees he can continue to farm. Cora has to persuade a nervous Mrs. Patmore to exchange their ice-box for a refrigerator. Edith visits a London doctor to see if she is pregnant. Tom still feels he doesn’t belong and considers moving to the USA. Bates continues to pressure Anna, and tells Mrs Hughes he’ll resign if she doesn’t tell him the truth; she does, but denies it was Mr. Green, saying it was a stranger who broke in. Bates talks to Anna, and says he loves her more than ever; they reconcile. When Mrs Hughes tells him she’s happy it’s all over, Bates makes it clear that it is not – he still suspects it was Green. There to help John are co-hosts Tamara Berg and Courtney Stewart. It’s Downton Abbey UK’s “Episode 5” podcast!

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