Dodgers Right Fielder, Mookie Betts Makes Baseball History in First World Series Appearance!

Dodgers Mookie Betts makes baseball history in Game 1, Dodgers lose Game 2, & gear up for Game 3. 

Mookie Betts became the first player in major league baseball to hit a home run, steal two bases and score two runs in a World Series game. Betts matched Babe Ruth’s historic 1921 World Series appearance when Betts became the second player ever to get a walk and steal two bases in a single inning in a World Series game.

Major League Baseball paid tribute to Betts for his right field home run on twitter jokingly saying, “Our account actually stands for @ Markus Lynn Betts.”

The Dodgers had a rough time maintaining their winning momentum for game 2 of the World Series and lost by 2 points to the Rays.

It’s been 32 years since the last time the Dodgers won a World Series title and game 2’s defense got a fresh reminder of 2017 and 2018’s loss.

One major mistake was what should have been a double play by second baseman Kike Hernandez. Hernandez bobbled a grounder, struggling to get the ball to second, allowing Ji-Man to be safe at first. The fourth inning then brought in two additional runs from the Rays sending the Dodgers into the bottom of the fourth with three runs against them.

The Dodgers were able to get a total of four runs but ultimately couldn’t overturn the two runs they managed to lose in the fourth inning causing them to lose the game.

The loss will secure a total of five games for the World Series.

Los Angeles will lead into game three with Walker Buehler with Julio Urias starting in game 4 and Clayton Kershaw following in game 5.

Buehler is expected to meet the expectations of his previous World Series appearance in 2018. The pitcher had seven scoreless innings along with seven strikeouts, no walks and managed to only give up two hits in game 3.

As long as Buehler has a strong start to game three and the Dodgers are able to keep Urias and Kershaw reserved as long as possible, Los Angeles should have no problem securing the win for game 3.

Game 3 of the World Series will air Friday October 23 at 5:08 PST.

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