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This anime series follows Tanjiro Kamodo, a kind hearted boy who’s life is turned upside down after a demon slaughters his family, and turns his sister into a demon. Join us on the DEMON SLAYER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we watch some demons get slayed. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date. 

Episode Recap

Ep 1 Cruelty
The episode jumps right in with Tanjiro and his younger sister, Nezuko, running through the wood. Then, it goes to Tanjiro’s simple but happy family life. He works hard, is well liked in town and has quite the nose for smelling things out. On his way home, Tanjiro stays with Saburo upon his insistence that the woods are dangerous at nights due to demons. When Tanjiro arrives home the next day, his entire family has been slaughtered but Nezuko seems to still be alive! She has turned into a demon and a demon hunter has found them! Giyu recognizes something is different about these two and suggests they go to find Sakonji.
Ep2 Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki
Tanjiro and Nezuko stumble upon a tempe that has been recently attacked by a demon! They both try to fight it with some sucess. Even though the demon attacked them, Tanjiro cannot bring himself to kill the demon, and the sun ultimately does the job for him. Sakonji Urokodaki arrives and tells Tanjiro he is too slow to make decisions. Then he takes Tanjiro up the mountain and the test is for Tanjiro to get back down by sunrise. There are many traps along the way but Tanjiro is able to sniff them out and finally makes it back down the mountain to begin his training.

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