Danger in the Courtroom- S1 E17 ‘All Rise’ Review & Recap

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Join us as we take a journey inside the Courtroom. If you think criminals are the only people with messy lives, think again. On THE ALL RISE AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST, we’ll be breaking down all the plots straight from the court As Judge Lola Carmichael sets off on her career as a judge. Subscribe for discussions, special segments, and news! Susbcribe to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

CBS’s All Rise received their second courtroom gunman this season, and of course it takes place in Lola’s courtroom. This time the gunman holds Lola and many others at gunpoint and even contemplates killing himself.Thankfully, his daughter was able to save the day by sharing how she cares in a society that often allows people to fall through the cracks. Meanwhile, things are back on the rocks in everyone’s relationship without much background context. Sherri’s near death experience leads her to finally open up and give us what we have been waiting for.

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Zuri Smith & Princess Carroll

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