Code Silver Season 2 Episode 10 ‘New Amsterdam’ Review

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Not taking no for an answer, we’re going to be covering New Amsterdam every episode, every week here on THE NEW AMSTERDAM AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST with plot discussion, illness-of-the-week breakdowns, and all sorts of predictions as we find out how Max Goodwin will save his hospital. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date!

Episode Recap

New Amsterdam Hospital is on lockdown as inmates from Rykers Island are roaming the halls of the hospitals with guns and knives. Dr. Rynolds is critically stabbed as he is performing a life saving surgery. Dr. Max and Dr. Sharp are taken hostage by inmate Jackie and she threatens to kill them if they don’t take her to the O.R. where Reynolds is performing his surgery. Dr. Frome and his husband Martin confront their marital issues as they are on the verge of breaking up for good.
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