Celebrity #SpotifyWrapped!

Spotify just released this year’s “Spotify Wrapped,” a feature that tells users their music listening stats. Let’s see which celebs shared their music favs! 

Celebrities, they’re just like us! Check out the various well-known names that shared their 2021 music listening habits:  

Azealia Banks 

Fan-favorite female rapper, Azealia Banks, shared her “opening credits theme” and the artist she binged the most.

  • Opening credits theme: JA ARA E by Burna Boy 
  • The artist Azealia binge-listened to the most was: Beyoncé 

Frankie Grande 

Social media celebrity, Broadway performer, and Celebrity Big Brother star Frankie Grande is perhaps best known for being the older brother of pop singer Ariana Grande. This family man displayed his genuine love and support for his sister’s work!

  • His Twitter caption read, “Really, is anyone surprised? 🤣🤣🤣” 
  • Frankie’s top songs:  
  1. 34+35 Remix (feat. Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion), Ariana Grande 
  2. west side, Ariana Grande 
  3. Better Left Unsaid, Ariana Grande 
  4. thank u, next, Ariana Grande 
  5. positions, Ariana Grande 

Tyler Oakley 

Social media celebrity Tyler Oakley shared his top genres, which introduced me, for one, to many obscurely specific categories.

  • Tyler’s top genres 
  1. Dance-pop 
  2. House 
  3. Slap house 
  4. Progressive house
  5. Vaporwave

Nikki Glaser 

Popular comedian and most recently the host of FBOY Island, Nikki Glaser shared her dedication to a legend.

  • Nikki’s top artist was Taylor Swift (she was in the top 1% of Taylor’s listeners this year) 

Andrew Spencer 

Former Bachelorette contestant, Andrew Spencer, gave his fans additional evidence of the sweetheart he is.

  • Andrew’s top artist was Olivia Rodrigo (he was in the top 17% of Olivia’s listeners this year) 

Anna Redman 

Ex-Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant, Anna Redman, showed us a nice sliver of her inner soundtrack

  • Anna’s top artists:
  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Billie Eilish 
  3. Bon Iver 
  4. Lorde 
  5. Olivia Rodrigo 
  • Anna’s top songs: 
  1. September, Ayoni 
  2. Hallucinogenics – Vallis Alps Remix, Matt Maeson, Vallis Alps 
  3. august, Taylor Swift 
  4. Cruel Summer, Taylor Swift 
  • Anna’s minutes listened: 39,153 
  • Anna’s top genre: Dance Pop


Matt Bernstein, on Instagram @Mattxiv, is a fierce Insta celeb who advocates for social justice through colorful and eye-catching graphics. Here is the music that inspires Matt.  

  • Matt’s top artists: 
  1. Phoebe Bridgers (minutes streamed 5,805) 
  2. Billie Eilish  
  3. Kacey Musgraves  
  4. Olivia Rodrigo  
  5. Taylor Swift 
  • Matt’s top songs: 
  1. I Know The End, Phoebe Bridgers 
  2. Happier Than Ever, Billie Eilish 
  3. good 4 u, Olivia Rodrigo 
  4. Motion Sickness, Phoebe Bridgers
  5. telepatía, Kali Uchis 
  • Matt’s minutes listened: 86,299 
  • Matt’s top Genre: Dance Pop 

Matt Rogers 

Hilarious comedian, actor, and writer extraordinaire, Matt Rogers is best known for his podcast Las Culturistas, with SNL’s Bowen Yang. This Swiftie (or “Tayla” fanatic, as he says on the podcast) walked the walk this year.

  • Matt’s top artists: 
  1. Taylor Swift (You were in the top 0.5% of their listeners this year) 
  2. Little Mix 
  3. Ariana Grande 
  4. Ben Platt 
  5. Katy Perry 
  • Matt’s top songs:  
  1. Confetti (feat. Saweetie) 
  2. willow
  3. drivers license 
  4. Sweet Melody  
  5. imagine 
  • Matt’s minutes listened: 34,910 
  • Matt’s top genre: Dance Pop 

 Brittany Broski 

Internet celeb, or perhaps better known as “Kombucha Girl,” Brittany Broski shared her multi-genre music taste: 

  • Brittany’s top artists:  
  1. Greta Van Fleet 
  2. Tame Impala
  4. Bad Bunny 
  5. J Balvin 
  • Brittany’s top songs: 
  1. Borderline, Tame Impala 
  2. Age of Machine, Greta Van Fleet 
  3. Tears of Rain, Greta Van Fleet 
  4. The Barbarians, Greta Van Fleet 
  5. PIENSO EN TU MIRA – Cap.3: Celos, ROSALÍA 
  • Brittany’s minutes listened: 48,579 
  • Brittany’s top genre: Dance Pop 

Whose #SpotifyWrapped do you relate to the most? Make sure to check out some of their favorite tunes and maybe you’ll see them on your list for 2022! 

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