Celebrity Dream Cast of ‘Chicago’ on Broadway!

In honor of Pamela Anderson’s upcoming debut as Roxie Hart, let’s take a look at a celebrity cast we would love to take the stage!

Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb’s Chicago will always live on as an iconic musical; from the score, the choreography, the characters, and beyond. It has received many accolades and there have been renditions, including the 2002 film adaptation starring Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Over the years, Chicago has had many celebrities star in the Broadway musical including Mel B, Billy Ray Cyrus, Todrick Hall, NeNe Leakes, Brooke Shields, Ashlee Simpson, and more. Recently, it was announced that Pamela Anderson will star as Roxie Hart beginning in April. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical celebrity cast we would love to see star on Broadway or in a potential remake.

Roxie Hart: Dove Cameron

Roxie Hart is the main character of Chicago, who dreams to have a career in vaudeville, but is never able to find her breakthrough. After committing a crime and landing herself in the Crook County Jail, she uses the media attention to pull herself back into the spotlight to pursue her vaudeville aspirations. Roxie is known for her songs, “Funny Honey”, “Roxie”, “Nowadays”, and more. Dove Cameron is a young actress with heavy singing background, previously starring in Hairspray Live!. She also has experience with dance from her role in Descendants. She is a well-rounded performer that could definitely embody Roxie.


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Velma Kelly: Zendaya

Velma Kelly is a singer and vaudevillan who had brief success in a double act with her sister, Veronica. After catching her sister with her husband Charlie in the act, she kills them and lands herself in Cook County Jail. She lands a deal with successful lawyer, Billy Flynn, until Roxie Hart shows up in jail, turning all of the attention away from Velma. In the end, her and Roxie become partners and headline in vaudeville. Velma is known for her songs, “Cell Block Tango”, “All That Jazz”, “Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag,” and more. Zendaya is another well-rounded performer, having experience in acting, singing, and dancing. She has even previously performed in a musical film The Greatest Showman. I think Zendaya and Dove Cameron could be a talented, entertaining duo to watch onstage.


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Billy Flynn: Ryan Reynolds

Billy Flynn is one of the most successful defense attorneys in Chicago, especially when representing women. However, he charges a hefty price, making his services very competitive among women. He makes a deal with both Roxie and Velma, winning both cases, despite both of them actually being guilty of their crimes. He is known for his songs “All I Care About”, “We Both Reached for the Gun”, and “Razzle Dazzle.” Ryan Reynolds has already established himself as an actor, but he has rarely shown off his singing voice. Reynolds also has a natural charm and wittiness that also would fit well into playing Billy Flynn.


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Mary Sunshine: Trixie Mattel

Mary Sunshine is a newspaper reporter that tends to keep in Billy Flynn’s corner. Sunshine follows Roxie and Velma’s trials, therefore promoting coverage to the both of them. She is known for her song “A Little Bit of Good.” Trixie Mattel is a drag queen who was the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Allstars season 3. Mattel has extensive performing experience singing, having released three critically acclaimed albums and music comedy special Trixie Mattel: One Night Only. Mary Sunshine would be the perfect role to showcase Mattel’s experience and personality.


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Matron “Mama” Morton: Beyoncé

“Mama” us the matron of the Cook County Jail. She grants her inmates favors in exchange for money bribes. She is especially known for her song “When You’re Good to Mama.” Mama exudes a powerful, hypnotizing energy that commands any room she is in. Without much explanation, Beyoncé would be the perfect person to cast not only considering her triple-threat background, but also the aura she presents herself.


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Amos Hart: Andrew Garfield

Amos Hart is Roxie’s loyal, naive, down to Earth husband who works as a mechanic. Due to his simple personality, people tend to believe he is boring and even invisible at times. He is desperate for someone as exciting as Roxie to be interested in him, so he will do anything to try to make it happen, even if he is not treated great himself. Amos is known for his song “Mr. Cellophane.” Andrew Garfield is a well-established, Tony Award winning actor. He recently showcased his musical background in his role in tik, tik… BOOM, which has been nominated for several accolades. Garfield could also portray the innocence and soft-natured personality that Amos Hart exudes.

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