Britney Spears’s Most Iconic Music Videos

Amid the #freebritney movement, we’re taking a look back on the career of the beautiful and talented Britney Spears by sharing 10 of her most iconic music videos. 

Sometimes it can be hard to conceptualize the extent of an artist’s career until reflecting on their catalog and realizing their impact on your life. The beautiful thing about music is its ability to unlock memories and emotions from any moment or experience. Britney has used her platform to empower and reject the status quo through her music and the visuals she creates for her songs.

Here are just 10 of our favorite music videos from this iconic artist!

1. “I’m a Slave 4 U”

The make-up, the hair, the outfits, they’re all on point! This video is just as iconic as the song it was made for. From Britney’s trendsetting pink g-string over jean combo to her enticing dance moves, this video really takes us back to the golden era of the 2000s. The irresistibly catchy beat was produced by The Neptunes: the dynamic duo of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. They didn’t miss a beat, and neither did Britney.

2. “Circus”

This video is fun and over the top, with Britney and her dancers creating a circus-like experience for the viewer. Pulling out all of the stops, it even features a man on stilts and lions. Everyone is doing a great job to bring the show together, but just as the lyrics suggest, all eyes are on Britney. The sheer bralette and black skirt are probably our favorite look from this video.

3. “Break the Ice”

Not only is Britney amazingly talented, but she is also very ahead of her time. Released in 2008, this video features an animated Britney, single-handedly defeating bad guys. She is on a mission to defeat an evil group that is producing clones of her. The underlying messages throughout her songs and videos seem to challenge patriarchal and societal standards.

4. “If U Seek Amy”

This video begins with Britney making a direct call out to the media and the image they attempt to create of her. Any of the hate that she receives doesn’t outweigh the love and adoration. As the video ends, Britney puts her “good girl clothes” on to greet the media outside. She suggests that the person they expect her to be is not true to who she is. This video exemplifies Britney’s use of her videos as a means of storytelling.

5. “Toxic”

There is not one moment in this video where Britney did not absolutely serve. She was even able to somehow make a flight attendant’s uniform look chic. The spy theme of the video is always a fun concept to explore, and we get to experience a different persona with each look. It’s hard to pick a favorite scene from this masterpiece, from her scaling the side of a building to dancing through lasers… This music video takes us on a ride.

6. “Till The World Ends”

In this post-apocalyptic scene, Britney seems to channel Janet Jackson with a touch of Mad Max inspiration. If there were anywhere to be when the world was ending, it would be at an underground party with Britney Spears. Also, can we talk about what a moment that red leotard corset combo was? Thank you for this one, Britney.

7. “Radar”

“Radar” is one of Britney’s juicier storylines. It tells the tale of an intense love triangle, her love interests being two chukkers on opposing polo teams. Britney was serving Southern belle looks as she sat watching from the sideline. This wasn’t just a great video, but the song is another one of Britney’s irresistible hits.

8. “…Baby One More Time”

No list of iconic Britney videos would be complete without featuring the song that catapulted her career, considered by Rolling Stone to be the greatest debut single of all time. The song was released when she was only 16, topping the charts in over 22 countries, and earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. “…Baby One More Time” was a cultural reset, featuring one of Britney’s most memorable ensembles, the schoolgirl outfit with the tied white button-up shirt. The song and the video alike have a special place in hearts.

9. “I Love Rock ’N’ Roll”

Maybe it was seeing Britney dressed like a rockstar or hearing her rendition of this classic, but this video had to make our list! Her metallic smokey eye is everything we didn’t know we needed, and she eats up leather pants! We get to see another side of Britney in this video, and her personality shines through on the track.

10. “Oops I Did It Again”

Of course, we had to mention one of Britney’s most notable songs and videos. “Oops I Did It Again” is a milestone in her career and music history in general. Between her iconic red spacesuit, the choreography, and Titanic reference, this video is a blast from the past.

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