“Blow” Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Pose’ Review

Are Angel & Papi finding love in a hopeless place? Was that a beige nipple or a condom over Ms. Norman’s house? We talking about it ALL with our hosts Jaimi Gray (@itsjaimigray), Mariel Turner (@mariel_turner), Brendan Haley (@brendohales), Shawna Turner (@ ).

The Pose After Show: 

In the POSE AFTER SHOW, our hosts explore the juxtaposition of life and society of New York’s 1980s as portrayed on the FX show – from ball culture to the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe, all the way to downtown’s social and literary scene. On each after show, our hosts review, recap and analyze in-depth the latest episodes as well as provide the inside scoop from the cast and crew.


In 1987 New York, Blanca Rodriguez pursues her dream of becoming a house mother after receiving a devastating medical diagnosis; Damon Richards moves to the city with aspirations of joining a dance company.