Big Time Rush’s Big Time Bops

The Big Time Rush reunion has us reminiscing about our favorite songs from the band. Here are some of our biggest bops to get you through while you wait!

On Monday Big Time Rush announced their comeback with two show dates. The shows will be the first time the band has played together since 2014.

While we wait for the shows and more updates from the band, let’s look back at some of their best songs.

Halfway There

This song was featured in the episode “Big Time Demos” after the band finished recording demos and awaited the approval of the record company to keep living their LA dream.

This song is one of the best songs to listen to if you’re craving some BTR in your life. It will remind you of the wholesome moments from the show and beginning of the band.


One of the first songs the band sang on the show and one of the first singles the band released, “Famous” is one of the band’s most underrated songs. On the first season of the show the song played in most episodes.

If you watch an episode or listen to the song you’ll find yourself singing the chorus while around your house.

Because it isn’t on an album the song tends to get forgotten amongst their bigger hits, but it’s one of their best and most catchy songs.

Big Time Rush

Who can forget the theme song? While some may say it’s over played because it appeared on every episode, there’s a reason it’s as popular as it is.

This song paved the way for the rest of their songs and set the stage for Big Time Rush (both the show and the band).

When you think of the band, this is probably the song that comes to mind. It’s classic, catchy, and worth every stream it has.


The title song off their second studio album, “Elevate” is the classic 2010s teen dance music. Every 2000s kid can probably remember this playing at one of their middle school dances.

If you want to have a BTR dance party in your kitchen while we wait for new content, this is the best song to start off with to get you in the party mood. Especially with the pre-chorus chanting “if you want to party” and the energetic synth.


“Boyfriend” has that 90s/early 2000s boy band feel that so many of BTR fans love about the songs. But something about the song just makes it stand out.

It’s currently the band’s most popular song and highest charting song. It also has multiple versions: one featuring Snoop Dog, one featuring New Boyz, and one without any credited features.

This song is almost guaranteed to be play at their live show, so if you want to reminisce and refresh yourself on their biggest hit, queue up “Boyfriend”.


This list would be incomplete without a ballad. And this ballad came from one of the saddest break up episodes of our childhood: “Big Time Break-up” where Kendall and Jo said goodbye when Jo moved across the world to film a movie.

The song is a bittersweet song (that is NOT a breakup song) about saying goodbye.

And if this song didn’t set your standards for love too high with the lyrics: “And I can hardly take another goodbye/ baby, won’t be long/ You’re the one that I’m waiting on” I don’t know what to tell you.


The title song from their third studio album is a catchy boy band and kids show bop. It’s upbeat and gets stuck in your head.

Most people only know of the first album (and maybe the second) but the third album is more underrated. So for you real BTR fans and those who just have good taste, this is sure to be a nostalgia trigger that you’ll be dancing along to while waiting for those tickets.

Till I Forget About You

Another one of BTR’s most well known songs, “Till I Forget About You” is, like all of their songs, a great pop song.

The chorus is practically made to jump and scream along to. Plus, this song really highlights the vocals of the band. With no feature on the track, and scaled back auto tune and synth, you can really hear the talent of the boys. And if you’re anything like me, you’re looking forward to hearing an updated live version of this with the mature vocals of each member.

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