Best ‘Glee’ Holiday Covers!

Glee had some exceptional covers during its run and its holiday specials were no different. Here are six beloved covers from the show that will get you in the mood for hot chocolate and snow!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Season 2, Episode 10– “A Very Glee Christmas” Klaine gave us one of the most memorable Christmas duets in the series, starting the beginning of a beautiful relationship; their first duet was to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”  Kurt and Blaine sang this when Blaine asked Kurt to rehearse with  him after getting a gig for the ‘Kings Island Christmas Spectacular.” We never ended up seeing his gig performance, but we didn’t need to because all we REALLY needed was this duet and the chemistry it created between them.

White Christmas

Season 4, Episode 10– “Glee, Actually” Blaine makes a trip with Burt to New York to surprise Kurt as they sing their traditional holiday duet. The two ice skate together at Rockefeller center, and the whole scene just makes you feel like you are literally in a winter wonderland. They were not together as a couple at this time, but we all know that the two weren’t staying apart much longer after this romantic scene. I mean, come on… even Burt brought him around for the holidays. 

Santa Baby

Season 3 Episode …– “Extraordinary Christmas”… who else other than sexy santa-na would be the one to sing this holiday melody. Sanatana went with Finn to help pick out Rachel’s Christmas gift at the jewelry store. Santana started to bargain the price, and “nothing puts a man in a bargaining mood more than a little holiday spirit,” she says.

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah

Season 4, Episode 10–”Glee Actually”, the song “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah” was sung by Puck and Jake. The brothers sing and play their guitars while in Los Angeles at Paramount Studios on random sets, in coffee shops, etc.  This was when Puck brought Jake to California because he wanted to prove to Jake that he was a cool older brother and not a bummy one.

Let It Snow 

Season 3 Episode 9–”A Very Glee Christmas” – Kurt and Blaine duets will ultimately be the best ones ever known to mankind. The couple sang an even more upbeat version of “Let It Snow” as the hosts to their Christmas Special directed by Artie. The whole episode was very “old-time cinema,” but this performance had a little bit of extra flair with it being done in black and white. This was the perfect song to kickstart the Glee Holiday Spectacular with a fun introduction, including singing and dancing (including some tap!), and they end the song by introducing themselves as the hosts! We, as the audience, are being spoken to as if we are there with them as a guest to this extraordinary Christmas Spectacular!

Christmas Wrapping

Season 3 Episode 9–”A Very Glee Christmas” Brittany sang the song “Christmas Wrapping.” She is always one to have such fun and playful energy, and that’s exactly what she brought to this performance. The vibe of this was perfect for Brittany, and she sang this song with all of her background dancers. They used ribbons to dance with, their outfits were Christmas-themed, and it was all around just a spectacular act.

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