‘Bachelorette’ Episode Four Recap & Reactions.

The fourth episode of Michelle Young’s Bachelorette was one of the best so far and we’re here to highlight the best moments and tweets from Bachelor Nation.  

The fourth episode of Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette aired on November 9th. This latest episode featured three dates, as per usual, with a one-on-one with Martin Gelbspan, a group date with 12 of the men, and a final one-on-one with Rick Leach. Bachelor franchise fans took to Twitter throughout the date to make their voices heard particularly through the art of “meme-ing”. Look no further for the most hilarious and relatable bachelorette episode 4 memes!

First date:

For the first one-on-one of this episode, Michelle took Martin to the BMW performance center where the pair got their adrenaline juices flowing, participating in car racing. After the activity, they, of course, wound up in an intimate hot tub scene, discussing the season so far. Last week, designated “villain” Jamie Skaar was sent home after bringing to Michelle his concerns surrounding her previous relationship with Joe Colemen (in reality, they merely exchanged a few DMS a while back). Michelle, wanting to clear the air, brought the subject up to all the men, and Jamie initially denied his involvement. When all was revealed and Jamie could not accept responsibility for his actions, Michelle sent him home due to a loss of trust. Flash forward to the steamy hot tub moment with Martin, we are brought back into the drama. As Jamie’s friend, Martin decides to tell Michelle his opinion- that Jamie was actually a really good guy. At their romantic dinner, Michelle expresses her concerns about that conversation, prompting Martin to actually apologize and take full responsibility for the way he made her feel. The two grow closer and, for Martin, the night ends with a rose.

Personally, when I first saw Martin, I immediately thought, “Lance Bass,” period. Here is what the people of Twitter had to say about his look:


Because of the awkward and necessary Jamie comments, Bachelor Nation had to let him know how they felt, and, for franchise stans, the conversation resembled a similar one from this past season of the Bachelor in Paradise:

Second date:

The second date of this episode was a group date with 12 of the men. For the date, each contestant was given a pajama set. They were then brought to a slumber party set up, filled with teddy bears and popcorn. For the second half, the men split into two teams and fought each other with stuffed animals- the prize being the opportunity to spend the rest of the night with Michelle. For both parts of this date, Michelle made clear in interviews that she was upset by the lack of agency from the men to spend time with her. They spent the beginning goofing off with each other, while she just stood there. After a team won the fighting round, they joined in the celebration, yet no one came up to Michelle. She expressed how she felt unseen to the winning team later that night. Additionally, she shared that this is something she has felt with men in the past and does not want to feel like the token black girl. Contestant Olu Inajide felt deeply for Michelle, stating that as a man with two black sisters, the last thing he would ever want to do is unintentionally make her feel small. He received the group date rose after the two were both brought to tears in a raw moment.

Here is what Bachelor nation thought of the date:

It’s safe to say that Olu won over our hearts:

Third date:

The third date was a one-on-one with Rick. On their date, Rick and Michelle took a gondola ride up a mountain and went on a walk through nature. On the date, the two engaged in difficult conversations, with Rick sharing that his dad passed away a few years ago. Later that night, he dove more into the story- explaining the drama of finding his dad having an affair, their family splitting up, and ultimately Rick’s father committing suicide. Rick, who has been nothing but the sweetest ever, tore at all of our heartstrings, as he maintained eye contact with Michelle the whole time. The date ended with a private concert by Andy Grammer. After getting to know each other on a deeper level, Rick ended the night with a rose.

Here is what Bachelorette fans think of Rick:

In a Bachelor first, people were pleasantly surprised with the guest artist:

Rose ceremony:

Before the rose ceremony, the rest of the men heard of Michelle’s feelings during the group date, and Chris Sutton took it upon himself to make a speech. Chris began by apologizing to Michelle and saying that she does not deserve to be ignored yet continued to say that some of the men on the season do not respect Michelle. Later, during their one-on-one conversation, Chris called out fan-favorite Nayte Olukoya to Michelle as someone who is being selfish in his endeavors on the show. When Michelle brought this up to Nayte, he, of course, was not pleased. In addition, the rest of the men did not look lovingly on Chris S. after his remarks about the group. In the end, Chris. S (unfortunately) received the last rose at the ceremony. It’s easy to say he has become the new “villain” to watch out for.

Here is what fans think of Chris S: 

After this last episode, it’s safe to say that, while Michelle is extremely levelheaded, this season is definitely bringing the drama. Michelle, the men, and the producers are serving us piping hot tea and crumpets, and we are pleasantly satiated! What will episode five have to bring? Stay tuned to find out.

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