Ava Kolker Releases New Single ‘All To Myself’!

Ava Kolker talks about her new single All To Myself, working with her sister on Manifest West, life after Sydney To The Max, and more! 


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A lot of times you’re asked if you could pick between acting and music which would you pick? Ava Kolker’s only answer is “why do I have to choose? I can do both!” Kolker continues to prove that if you love something there’s no need to make yourself choose between them. Being a multi-hyphenate talent

Kolker was able to talk with host Chae’ Jones during a Zoom interview to talk about her newest single All To Myself, working with her sister on Manifest West, life after Disney Channel’s Sydney To The Max, and more.

Kolker has been in this industry since she was four years old. She booked her first role and didn’t look back. When asked what was the inspiration behind her new single All To Myself, Kolker said, “That’s crazy that I’ve released six. I can’t even believe that. Wow, it feels like yesterday that I started making music but All To Myself, the inspiration behind this song, it’s kinda, since I have such a strong connection to music and I feel like a lot of people can relate to this and feel this. That listening to music can be an escape from everyday life. From whatever issues you have. For me, music is so calming like when I wanna relax or when I wanna disconnect I just put on music. I put on my favorite song. I listen to my favorite artist. That is my escape. So the song is about how sometimes listening to your favorite artist or your favorite music can help you escape and can relax you and can kinda help you reconnect to yourself, you know and that was my inspiration behind the song. It was finding peace in listening to music.”


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Kolker’s new movie Manifest West premieres everywhere on November 11. She also stars in the movie along with her real life sister Lexy Kolker. When asked what it was like acting opposite her sister Kolker said, “I feel like we didn’t have…there was one playful scene that was incredible and so much fun. Other than that are scenes were very serious and I just kinda like yell at her and be really mean and that was tough for me because all I wanna do is be playful and crack jokes and stuff. I like break her arm-ish in a scene. So it’s just tough to be really mean. I don’t know that that was different for me because it wasn’t like I was acting with anybody, it was my sister but it was kinda cool because we both know we’re acting. So there’s obviously no hard feelings but that was not I wouldn’t say difficult it was just different for me.”

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Kolker is no stranger to Disney Channel. She first appeared as the sassy Ava Morgenstern in Girl Meets World. She then went on to star in Sydney To The Max for three seasons. Kolker was asked if she could tell her character, Olive, anything now, what would it be? “I would tell her how lucky she is to have Sydney ’cause it is so hard to find a best friend. Someone who like will be by your side forever and I feel like Olive and Sydney have that and I think that they were just so close and they were good at working out their issues when they had them. Which wasn’t very often but they never like swept things under the rug. They always dealt with everything. Which was amazing and I feel I took a lot away from that because in relationships it’s easy to let things slide and sometimes you don’t know when things build up. Like it’s so much better to address your emotions. Especially to your best friend. I would just tell her to really cherish that relationship and how lucky she is to have someone like Sydney.” Kolker replied.

Life after the show ended might look a little different than Kolker thought it would be but would she ever do a DCOM? Kolker answered, “Of course, That’s always been my dream. DCOMs are kinda a combination of two of my favorite things: acting and singing. There’s so much music in so many DCOM. Singing, dancing, everything you know? High School Musical, Zombies, Descendants, all of it! Yeah, that’s always been a dream of mine to be in a DCOM. So if the opportunity ever presents itself I will one hundred percent be doing that and I will love to do that.”

All To Myself releases on Friday, November 4th on all music streaming platforms as well as her other singles. Manifest West releases in theaters and digital platforms on November 11th.

Find out who Kolker’s dream artist she wants to collaborate with, what she loves about music, more about how she feels working alongside her sister in Manifest West, learning to disconnect, and more by watching the full interview!

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