7 Times Margot Robbie Brought Barbie Doll Looks To Life On The ‘Barbie’ Press Tour!

Margot Robbie has stayed committed to the Barbie theme on the film’s press tour, taking inspiration from the classic Barbie doll looks we know and love. Let’s take a look at 7 of her outfits and how they compare to the doll version!

Barbie has made headlines in recent weeks ahead of its July 21 release date for many reasons, like its all-star cast, album, and creative marketing strategies, and Margot Robbie’s press looks are no exception. Robbie and her stylist Andrew Mukamal have taken inspiration from iconic Barbie looks which have fans and fashionistas alike going wild on social media every time a new outfit is revealed. Let’s take a look at some of the iconic Barbie looks Margot Robbie has worn on the Barbie press tour!

Original Barbie

For an event in Sydney, Robbie paid homage to the original Barbie with a look dating back to 1959. The doll version has a more beachy/swimsuit look, which Robbie and her stylist adapted and made into their own. In a black and white striped dress, black heels, white sunglasses, and a stylish ponytail, Robbie is truly Barbie come to life.

Pink and Fabulous Barbie


Robbie and her stylists are not just referencing older looks from the dolls, but more modern ones as well. She attended an event in Beverly Hills wearing a polka dot Valentino dress with a yellow handbag and white heels, reminiscent of “Pink and Fabulous” Barbie, which is from 2015. The resemblance between the two is nearly spot on, with the only change Robbie made being a cutout in the middle of the dress and a slightly different neckline.

Sparkling Pink Barbie

In this 1964 Barbie look, the “Sparkling Pink” doll is wearing a 3 piece sparkly pink outfit with pink heels to match. For an event in Seoul, Robbie created her own version of the outfit made by Moschino. She stuck with the 3 piece co-ord but the skirt is much shorter than the doll’s and she added a hat and purse to accessorize.

Day to Night Barbie

Not all of her looks have been pink! In one of her more recent outfits for the Los Angeles premiere, Robbie wore a custom-made Schiaparelli sparkly black dress, red lipstick, and a high ponytail, in a nod to “Solo In the Spotlight Barbie '' from 1960. In a further commitment to the look, Robbie accessorized with a light pink handkerchief just like the doll and the resemblance is striking!

Earring Magic Barbie

In Mexico City, Robbie took inspiration from the 90s “Earring Magic Barbie.” This was one of the looks that resembled the doll version the most - down to the accessories of big dangly earrings, a matching belt, and the big wavy hair, this look was spot on!

Airport Looks

She likes to travel in style! Even off the carpet Robbie has stayed committed to the Barbie theme. While she isn’t technically recreating iconic doll looks, she is leaning into her inner Barbie with pink ensembles and doll-like accessories. At the airport from Sydney to Seoul, Robbie wore an all-pink outfit with a Gucci top and pants completed with a Chanel bag. For the rest of her off-duty appearances, she has rarely been seen in any color besides classic Barbie pink.

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