7 Times Lizzo Confirmed She’s a Relatable Queen!

It is without a doubt that Lizzo is an artist, entrepreneur, and baddie. She is not afraid to say what is on her mind and often shares parts of her life with her followers. Lizzo is relatable in so many ways, and we are here to show you 7 times we couldn’t get enough!

Entrepreneur with Experience

As the CEO of Yitty, a shapewear company, she knows her audience more than anything. She knows what it is like not feeling supported in the clothing you wear as well as having options that will make you feel good. Lizzo took to TikTok to showcase her struggles with feeling good in her own skin and finding the right undergarment that will help her customers feel confident in what they are wearing. Her size-inclusive brand includes sizes from XS to 6X. What her followers enjoy about her is that she is not afraid to pinpoint areas in her life as well as share her own experiences with her fans which we love.

@lizzoI tried to put “hashtag ad” (as a joke) in my caption and TikTok wouldn’t let me I’m screaming 🤣😫

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A Panini Press From Mom

We love a foodie moment, and Lizzo’s mother gifted her a Panini press for Christmas. If that does not show how big of a foodie you are, we don’t know what will. The artist enjoys recreating various TikTok food trends circling the internet and often enjoys trying them out. This moment made us very excited for her; who wouldn’t jump up and down for a new appliance?

@lizzoIt’s over for u tunacado sandwich eating bitches 😈

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Get Ready With Me!

As the CEO of a Black-owned business, Lizzo also likes to support her fellow Black-owned businesses. She mentioned her everyday morning routine on TikTok, where she showed all of the products she uses. These included cleansing oil by the Somatic Alchemist and the Nubian Heritage African black soap body wash, to name a few. Plus, who doesn’t love a queen who does not gatekeep the products she uses? We love that 100 percent over here!

@lizzoIn this economy I know it’s hard to step outside your comfort zone… but with a little research you can find better products and maybe even better prices!

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She Knows How To Have Fun!

Lizzo joined Seth Meyer for a segment of his show called “Day Drinking,” where the two were, as the title suggests, indulging in some drinks. She posted on Instagram a funny and relatable moment from the segment where both are seen laughing and having fun, wishing everyone happy holidays. We love a fun moment, even if it’s a tipsy moment.


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Trying New Food Trends

Let’s be honest; every day there is a new food trend happening on TikTok. Whether it’s avocado toast, whipped coffee, or a smoothie, Lizzo is going to try it, and she will let us know if it’s bussing, as they say. This time she made a papaya fruit bowl and altered it per comment suggestions. She definitely enjoyed it, and I’m sure we would have as well.

@lizzo I got the bag @babybella777 ♬ original sound – lizzo

She Is Proud Of Her Progress

Lizzo was a flutist first before becoming a rapper and now a singer; she is not afraid to clarify that in her Instagram posts at all. Her growth as an artist has definitely evolved, and it is evident in her performances. She continues to show us that, just like an artist, we are all progressing in certain areas of our lives as individuals. We are proud of her progress and can’t wait to see what else she will accomplish in her amazing career!


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