7 of Lady Gaga’s Most Iconic Music Videos!

From “Telephone” to “Poker Face”, let’s discuss some of Lady Gaga’s most memorable music videos!

Lady Gaga is one of the most standout triple threats, with her ability to tell incredible stories through her singing, dancing, and acting. Her creativity is out of this world when it comes to concepts, music style, and especially fashion and costume choices. This amazingly bizarre style is the most reflected in her music videos, making them some of the most memorable. From her albums The Fame and Born This Way to Chromatica she has produced consistent hits and paired many with iconic music videos.


Lady Gaga’s single “Telephone” is one of the standout hits from her album The Fame Monster. The music video starts with Lady Gaga being escorted into prison to which she eventually gets bailed out by none other than Queen Beyoncé. The two go on to commit another crime, getting away with it this time. Lady Gaga of course has some insane outfits, one completely out of caution tape and another with cigarette sunglasses. To top it all off, there are many impressive and fun dance moments to boost the entertainment value.

Just Dance

If you are an OG Lady Gaga fan, you know “Just Dance” was one of her first breakout songs from her premiere album The Fame. She and some friends start the video by entering a house party to liven the mood. The whole video gives off a strong early 2000s party vibe. This is one of the first times viewers get to know Lady Gaga’s carefree attitude and out-of-the-box choices. She wears various wigs and rocks the David Bowie lightning bolt over her eye.

Bad Romance

“Bad Romance,” from The Fame Monster album is one of Lady Gaga’s most streamed singles and is her most viewed video on YouTube. All for good reason. The upbeat and catchy song contradicts the dark synopsis of the video, where Lady Gaga gets kidnapped and sold to the Russian mafia. She really pushes the limits this time with the visuals, from being in a bathtub to some sort of pod to a throne. One of the elements that stick out the most in this video is the dancing and choreography, unique yet fitting to the song.


Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” is on her premiere album The Fame. The song is about trying to keep the paparazzi in your favor, even if it means sacrificing love. The video starts off with Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, played by Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård, pushing her off of a ledge in reaction to the paparazzi snapping photos. She continues to appear in front of the paparazzi, dancing in the typical otherworldly Lady Gaga attire. In the end, she gets revenge on her boyfriend, poisoning his drink.

Born This Way

The single “Born This Way”, also the name of the album, is an anthem for authenticity and embracing who you are, which is what Lady Gaga values as a person and performer. The video begins with Lady Gaga narrating the story of the creation of extraterrestrial life, with many kaleidoscopic visuals. Once the actual song begins, the video dives into extensive choreography, displaying Lady Gaga’s danceability once again. Overall, the video symbolizes the birth of a new race and embracing unfamiliarity.


“Judas” is one of the top singles from the album Born This Way. The song tells the story of a woman who is in love with a man who has betrayed her. The video itself is symbolic of the biblical story of the Twelve Apostles who followed Jesus including Judas. While Lady Gaga could be with the Jesus-like figure in the video, she chooses to pursue Judas. Like many Lady Gaga videos, the choreography and dancing are amazing and the costuming to showcase the story is spot on.

Rain on Me

Last but certainly not least, “Rain on Me” is one of Lady Gaga’s more recent singles from her Chromatica album. It is a song about persevering through hardship and finding beauty in pain. To symbolize the hardship, daggers fall down from the sky along with the rain. The music video definitely matches the high energy of the song, with bright-colored outfits and high-energy dance numbers. Oh, and Ariana Grande is featured in both the song and the music video.

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