7 Birtney Spears Looks from the Early 2000s to Draw Inspiration From!

Britney Spears is one of the first names that comes to mind when we think of Y2K fashion. We’ve all seen the iconic jean dress, and who can forget the tiny two-piece accessorized with a snake? But we’re going to look at some early 2000s looks from the artist that don’t get the recognition they deserve and that you can likely rock some variation of.

05/05/2000 – ‘Oops I Did It Again’ Album Launch in Paris

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Funky patterns were seen on all of the “It Girls” of the early 2000s, so it’s no surprise to see Britney in this and we love the wrap top. The platform sandals give that pop of color and are possibly the defining shoe of the early 2000s. The outfit is relevant to the time but would stun just as much today.

09/07/2000 – The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards

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This post-performance outfit worn by the pop star is the epitome of 2000s fashion. The velour tracksuit pants and TIGI promotional crop top make for the perfect lounge outfit. It would be incredibly easy to make your own version of the fit for your own cute throwback look, and since many of us don’t have Britney’s abs, a tank or long sleeve would be just as applicable and cute.

11/06/2001 – ‘Britney’ Album Release Party

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This monochromatic look is a bit toned down than her usual fits from the time, but she looks so cute and cozy! The butterfly cowboy boots are possibly the most precious boots we’ve ever laid eyes on and cowboy boots will always be into us. We’re also all for the long fuzzy coat as it’s so darling and it’s pretty much a blanket. Come on.

05/05/2002 – Premiere of her film Crossroads in Knightsbridge, London

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Britney transforms the skirt-over-jeans trend into this fabulous look. The mesh bedazzled wrap, heels, and large belt make for a fashionably fun look that’s evocative of the early 2000s.

12/06/2002 – Promoting her new photo book, “Stages.”

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Britney was known for rocking funky hats, and we’re obsessed with this black fisherman’s hat on her. Paired with the low-rise skirt and bell sleeves, the look is incredibly nostalgic and in with the times yet somehow something we could imagine Bella Hadid wearing. Obsessed!

11/17/2003 – The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honors Britney Spears at The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Hollywood

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Baggy cargos are incredibly reminiscent of the early 2000s and incredibly hot right now. We have been obsessed with the trend as of late, and they’re comfortable, practical, and flattering so we’re in. The silky high-neck blouse and fuzzy pink jacket to match are the classic Y2K bubblegum pink. Everything about the look is stunning and reminiscent of the era.

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