7 Binge Worthy Series of 2022!

In honor of National Streaming Day, here are 7 binge-worthy series of 2022 so far!

Do you constantly find yourself strolling through ample streaming apps, wondering what to watch? Sometimes looking for a show takes longer than the actual program. If this sounds familiar, here are several binge-worthy shows that might catch your attention and create conversation.

From mystery and crime to comedy, we got it covered. Grab your popcorn, some friends, and relax.

Inventing Anna

Fake it ‘til you make it is a phrase commonly used. But, it can only go so far, especially when you’re dealing with delusion, money, and power. Inventing Anna follows the true story of Anna Sorokin (or is it Delvey?), who deceives everyone into believing she is a wealthy German heiress. Who really is Anna? How many lives did she destroy along the way? You can surely lie to others, but it costs more to lie to yourself; Anna finds that out the hard way. This crime series may have you on high alert the next time you meet a new fiend in a big city. You can watch season one on Netflix.



Thought you felt lost or had a wild high school experience? Well, think again! The hit show Euphoria dives into the raunchy and raw teenage experience full of experimenting, confusion, heartbreak, and drama. The characters navigate how they fit into society and who has their back. This show is best binged with your gals; you will be chattering nonstop about the town of East Highland. You can watch seasons one and two on HBOMax.


The Dropout

Want to accomplish the unimaginable? Or, have thoughts about changing the world? But what if everything you value is built on a foundation of deception and greed. This drama series is your one-stop shop to get your adrenaline and blood pumping, no pun intended. The Dropout follows Elizabeth Holmes’ pathway to success and extreme defeat as she finds herself facing criminal charges. It all comes down to putting trust in the right hands. You can watch season one on Hulu. Binge to find out how one’s life can change in a split second.



Many people like to keep their work lives and personal lives separate, but what if your memories were surgically divided just like so? Severance follows a group of employees that agree to undergo this exact procedure. As you can imagine, things do not always go as planned, but all is forgotten once you step into the office, or is it? You can watch season one on Apple TV. This series is best binged with your colleagues or at least bring your thoughts into the office. Don’t worry; no one will judge!



Picture this: you’re a woman in the 70s advocating for equal rights. Well, you’re not alone. A young female magazine editor is already working on it, one issue at a time. However, her plan takes a rugged detour as she finds herself working with a low-rent publisher who is the only one that will help her but has quite a different taste. The two as they go WAY against societal norms to create the first erotic magazine for women. Minx follows the body and the brain. You can watch season one on HBOMax.


The Flight Attendant

Have you ever found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time? Certainly, hop on board! However, I’m afraid it’s going to be a bumpy ride full of turbulence. This thrilling series follows a flight attendant’s journey after waking up next to a dead man in her hotel room. She tries to piece together not only that night but also her life, relationships, and addiction. Cassie Bowden has to come to terms with her past to figure out who she truly is before her life crumbles apart. You can watch seasons one and two on HBOMax.


The Kardashians

Our vibe is just living life because the break is finally over! Everyone can once again keep up with America’s infamous family, the Kardashians. There is new love, new drama, new family, and new laughs and cries, all with the same clan that has been in your living room since 2007. There is only one thing for sure, never go against the family. Grab your family to binge this reality series. And, if you’re new to the party or want to feel nostalgic, start from the very beginning with Keeping Up With the Kardashians. You can stream both on Hulu.


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