6 Shocking ’90-Day Fiancé’ Tell All Moments!

As we get closer and closer to the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Tell All we started thinking of the Tell Alls of the past and all the great moments we have gotten from them. We found 6 of the most shocking moments that live in our heads rent-free!

Angela Bares All

In this eventful Tell All, we find Angela in an extremely heated argument with Aunt Lydia. We can say that this was a walk-off unlike any we’ve seen before.

A Double Pregnancy

In the latest season’s Tell All, we had the blessed opportunity to be part of a double pregnancy announcement! We found out that couples Patrick and Thais as well as Kara and Guillermo are both expecting beautiful babies!

Jibri Walking off

Definitely one of the oddest friendships we have encountered is between Jibri and his BFF David. In this very recent Tell All, the dynamic musical duo is going at it once again but this time Jibri makes the wise decision and walks off.

Larissa and Jess Dragging Colt

In this pandemic special Tell All, we encounter some of the cast’s all-stars reuniting and going against each other like never before. Larissa debuts her new looks and has a sincere talk with Colt and mother Debbie with some help from Jess. These two teaming up may be the biggest shock of all!

Mohamed Shames Danielle

In this unforgettable Tell All revelation, Mohamed attempts to share some of the most shocking, and what should’ve probably been kept private, bedroom stories. We know that these two have had some mean things to say about each other but this was one thing we never thought we would hear brought up.

Steven Strays Sort Of

In this Tell All, Steven admits to anonymous women having direct communication with him and exchanging private messages while married to Alina. Steven claimed he never sent any naked pictures of himself, but he did receive some from several women. What Steven admits to sending is even more shocking…

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