5 Ways ‘The Circle’ is Keeping It Spicy This Season!

Netflix’s ultimate social media competition has kept fans guessing this season, with twists entering the chat in every episode.

In its fourth season, The Circle brought back the components fans know and love: players in their isolated apartments creating alliances, baking, doing puzzles, strategically flirting, and having their own personal parties; however, Netflix brought more to this season than ever before. Here’s how the show kept things interesting!

The Spice Girls

Quite possibly one of the most entertaining and shocking elements of this season was Mel B and Emma of the Spice Girls catfishing the other players as children’s book author Jared. After the girls built rapport with the other players, the players learned that the Spice Girls were in the game catfishing them at the 90’s themed dance party. The next day, the players got to work discussing in their private chats which player could be the potential spice-fish.

Added Cash

The Spice Girls plot twist did not just end with the girls being blocked. As the players rushed to find out who the fake profile was, they had no idea that the Spice Girls fooling five or more players meant that $50,000 was added to the prize fund for the winner. In The Circle, you never know whether hunting catfish can give you more or less money!

Cyber Virus

Soon after the final new players, Eversen and Imani, enter the game, the rest of the players get sudden alerts that a cyber virus has infiltrated the game. In a data breach, each of the players receives the photo album of another player, and they can choose one photo to leak to the rest of the group with an anonymous question. This twist really requires the players to think strategically and attempt to trip each other up. No player, catfish or not, is safe here!

Different Blocking

Another unique element of Season 4 was the different types of blocks. Typically, the players rate each other, and the top two players in the ratings become the Influencers. The Influencers discuss which player gets blocked and goes home. Eversen and Imani receive anti-virus software during the cyber virus, and they must choose a player to give the anti-virus software; subsequently, that player must choose another player to give the software to. Thus, the players create a chain revealing their strongest alliances, and the final player without the software is left blocked.

Face-to-Face Meetings

One of the most intense aspects of The Circle is when players meet face-to-face. Typically, a blocked player gets to select one active player to meet face-to-face before they leave. The active players tremble in their apartments, hoping or dreading the blocked player walking through their door. This season, The Circle shook up in-person meetings in Episode 11. The Influencers each got to choose two players to save, leaving two players in danger of being blocked. The two players in danger of being blocked got to meet each other face-to-face, revealing a potential catfish.

All in all, we are so excited to see the Season 4 finale on May 25th. Message: who will win that $150K? Send!

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