5 Times Britney Spears Lived Through Her Music

Britney Spears has been an iconic pop star for years. Recent news has shown us there is a whole side of her that has been hidden from the public eye. Here’s where we see Spears embody her lyrics throughout her struggles.

Piece of Me

“Guess I can’t see the harm in working and being a mama, and with a kid on my arm. I’m still an exceptional earner,” Britney Spears sang in “Piece of Me”. Spears has an undeniable love for her kids, but she still represents the modern woman who can work and perform just as well after she has kids as before.


Britney Spears has been one of the biggest names in entertainment since she was a teenager. Although the industry can be brutal, she was born to be a star. “When I put on a show, I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins,” Spears sang in the song “Circus”. The rush of dancing her heart out shows her love for the performing arts.

Work B**ch- helping children in the industry

Britney Spears recognizes that getting into the entertainment and arts industry can be a struggle for kids who have grown up less fortunate.”Don’t stop now, just be the champion. Work it hard, like it’s your profession,” Spears co-wrote in “Work Bitch”. In 1999, she started the Britney Spears Camp for the Performing Arts to help kids develop their talents. The kids also had the chance to see professional artists perform in the evenings.

Why Should I Be Sad

Britney Spears’ marital and relationship struggles have been in the public eye for years. In “Why Should I Be Sad” Spears sang, “Woman, let’s prepare to fall”. As an ode to women everywhere to represent losing yourself while getting caught up in love. She showed how she should not let go of her feelings and what she believes in.


“But now I’m stronger than yesterday,” Britney Spears sang in “Stronger”. Britney Spears has had more than a fair share of issues and struggles she had to deal with. She shows her strength by continuing her life and fighting for herself.

We can all look at everything Britney has gone through and is currently going through as inspiration of how to keep your head high and carry on through the drama. We love you, Britney! #FreeBritney

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