5 Thriller TV Shows You Need To Stream!

If you’re looking for your next thriller to binge watch, then these are for you! Here are 5 of the most hyped thriller TV shows you have to watch now!

The genre of thriller comes with a variety of emotions such as suspense, surprise, anxiety, and excitement that appeal to viewers to keep watching with anticipation of what could be happening next. Thrillers are often associated with the subgenre of suspense and tension that draws viewers in due to the unpredictability leading people to be so curious about the climax of every episode. Within thrillers, there are many subgenres, such as legal, medical, spy, etc. the list goes on. Today we’re gonna highlight some of the top thriller tv shows you can stream right now!

The Glory

The Glory is a two-part series on Netflix consisting of eight episodes in each section. With the first eight episodes already out, we can expect the second section to be aired in March of 2023. Written by the award winning writer Kim Eun-Sook who wrote many award winning films such as the Descendants of the Sun, winning best drama at the 21st Asian Television Awards and the Grand Prize (daesang) in South Korea, we are seeing a comeback with the new vengeance-filled thriller. The drama is set around Moon Dong Eun, a victim of severe school bullying who lives in poverty and appears to have no friends. Her bullies continue to destroy her throughout her school life without any trouble because of their wealth and connections. They are even able to successfully bribe her mother. Even though she eventually is able to escape from the bullies and the school, she begins to live her life for the sole purpose to get back at her perpetrators, going through decades of tedious planning of revenge with them having no idea of what’s about to happen.

Alice in Borderland

With rumors of a potential third season, this two-part season landed on Netflix’s Top 10 when it was first released, officially rising to the number 1 spot on Netflix’s global top ten list of most watched series with over 61.2 million viewing hours within just a day of the release of the second season. Based on a Japanese manga of the same name by Haro Aso, the show is set as a Japanese dystopian fiction thriller that leads you to a new plot in each episode. The story continues as two characters are suddenly set in a parallel universe where they are forced to compete with other strangers in dangerous games to not just become allies but also survive. Viewers may find this slightly familiar to Squid Game or The Hunger Games. This leads to suspense every time a new game is introduced, and viewers not knowing the difficulty level or what to expect in each episode.

The Last of Us

Debuted as an action-adventure game in 2013 by Naughty Dog, this apocalyptic thriller was transformed into a show for HBO directed by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, which debuted this month. Following the video game itself, the story is set after modern civilization has been destroyed. Joel, the protagonist who survived the end of civilization, takes on a mission to smuggle Ellie, a fourteen-year-old, out of society’s designated safety zone. While the mission is supposed to be a simple task to get what they want in return for getting Ellie to her destination safely, it turns into one of the most heartbreaking, difficult journeys for survival. With 10 episodes planned to air, we can expect each episode to follow the storyline of the award-winning video game’s narrative.


With a whopping eight episodes that aired January 1, 2023, this Netflix series sets through a span of twenty-five years. The series has been created so that you can watch the episodes in any order, and they will still make sense with the storyline. The show is inspired by a true story of a heist where seventy billion dollars in bonds suddenly went missing in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. The narrative of the show goes from twenty-four years before the incident of the heist to six months after it takes place. Since the viewer gets to choose the order of the show, they are left with many scenarios with different suspense.

The Trolly

The sixteen-episode romance thriller can be streamed on Netflix starring Kim Hye Joo, who you may recognize from the horror series Hellbound. The story develops as a lawmaker’s wife’s hidden past suddenly starts to resurface when their daughter goes missing. It turns into a full-blown missing person’s case when they find out the husband is actually an assemblyman. Throughout the series, Hye Joo is constantly forced into public positions where the nation is watching, which she has avoided her whole life. This case is not only detrimental to the family but also to her husband’s political career. As the story continues to unravel, the suspense and tension that build up in every episode will leave you wanting more, with secrets rising to the surface little by little.

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