5 Things We Learned about Justin Bieber From His Special Documentary

Justin Bieber is opening up about his life during quarantine in his new documentary episode. 

Elizabeth Perkin

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Posted On: October 30th, 2020 4:31 pm pst

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“Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, A Special Documentary Event” was released on YouTube Friday and fans got to see how Justin has been doing during the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. He had to cancel his 2020 world tour because of the global health crisis and found himself in a position he didn’t expect to be in, like many of us. 

Credit: Justin Bieber

  • He is honored and privileged to be able to work during these hard times 

Justin acknowledged that many people have been suffering, losing their jobs and having a hard time. He says, “these doors that have opened for me to actually work, which i feel is an honor and privilege. So i want to do my best with this opportunity to create stuff that will inspire, give them some insight and maybe some cool different perspective too.”

  • Justin is done getting neck tattoos but will be tattooing his back next

He recently got a rose tattoo on his neck. He says that the thorns represent the rough times and the flowers represent beauty, but this will have to be his last neck tattoo because Hailey asked him not to get anymore on that part of his body. He does share that there is a lot of empty space on his back that he wants to use for portraits of his kids in the future!

Credit: Justin Bieber

  • Shares the meaning behind ‘Holy’ and preparation for SNL performance 

Justin takes viewers through the process of preparing for a performance. First he met with his creative team to come up with a concept and then they began to rehearse to make sure that everything lines up to the vision they have in mind. From the walk from his dressing room on to the stage, to the blue lighting and background with the glowing cross, it was all discussed at length. He says that ‘Holy’ is a message of hope. “The way you hold me feels so holy” Justin is talking about that significant other and showing others that no matter where you come from and your past anyone can have a relationship with a significant other too. 

  • Teared up watching ‘Lonely’ music video

Justin was very open and admitted that he teared up watching Jacob Tremblay play the 16 year old version of himself for the ‘Lonely’ music video, as he had no idea what was to come. He talks about what a hard time that was for him in his life as he didn’t know who he could rely on back then. Even went on to talk about how he went through a period in his life where he felt very suicidal as he was in constant pain and was suffering because of the fame and bullying. Justin was picked on for his hair, the infamous Bieber swoosh. He goes on to tell viewers to talk to someone about what you are going through if you are feeling lonely like he was. 

Credit: Justin Bieber

  • Justin admits he didn’t handle pressure and fame well for a while 

He also talked about how all the pressure and fame got to him when he was younger but he is glad he went through that to be the happy person he is today.  Justin shares, “I let the insecurities and fears win. I felt like everyone wanted to have control over my life. I felt there were so many people in my life who wanted me to be someone so I rebelled against that and wanted to go the opposite way.” Today Justin admits that he is very happy and in the best place of his life spending time with the ones he loves and cares about. “Look at what we get to do, Justin says with a giant smile on his face. He hopes that telling his story will help make a difference in someone else’s world.

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