5 Songs To Add To Your Spring Break Playlist!

Spring break is around the corner! Whether you’re going out of town or enjoying your time outdoors with friends and family, we got you covered with a spring break playlist!

No spring break is complete without an appropriate playlist to go along with it. We’ve hand-picked 5 songs to take your spring break to the next level!

“Watermelon Sugar” – Harry Styles (2019)

Ever since this song was released in 2019, it took the music industry by storm. This song’s positive vibes are great for getting the festivities started!

“Alcohol-Free” – TWICE

Whether or not you’re alcohol-free this spring break, you’ll definitely have a fun time with your friends. This song is guaranteed to keep the fun spring break vibes going regardless of what your vacation plans are.

“Ocean Drive” – Duke Dumont

At some point throughout your spring break, you’re probably going to be driving down a main street with the windows down, music blasting, and the wind in your hair. If you want to have your “main character moment,” adding this song to your playlist will definitely make you feel like the main character of a coming-of-age movie.

“This is the Life” -Two Door Cinema Club

This is the life, right? No classes or responsibilities for a whole week, just finally taking that well-deserved break and letting yourself relax. Adding this song to your spring break playlist will remind you to appreciate what you have and remind you to stay in the moment.

“Late Night Talking” – Harry Styles (2022)

Spring break festivities don’t end at night! Just as Styles mentioned in this song, you’ll definitely be staying up late talking and having fun for as long as you can. This song perfectly encapsulates the reality of spring break because everyone will be having late nights filled with endless fun!

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