5 Reasons To Watch ‘Blue Eye Samurai’!

If you like amazing fights and stunning animation look no further: ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ is here. Set in the 1600s Japan, ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ has something for everyone to enjoy. Here are 5 reasons why you should tune in to Netflix’s latest action animation series.

The Creators (Michael Green and Amber Noizumi)


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What’s better than one writer? Two writers! What’s better than two writers? Two writers who are married! That’s right. Blue Eye Samurai creators Michael Green and Amber Noizumi are a husband and wife duo that made this Kill Bill inspired samurai story of revenge. On top of that, Green’s previous works speak for themselves as he has either co-written or co-produced films like Alien: Covenant, Blade Runner 2049, and Logan. Now partnered with his spouse, Green delivers the blood-soaked masterpiece that is Blue Eye Samurai.

The Time Period (17th Century; Edo Period Japan)

If you’re a history buff look no further because Blue Eye Samurai has you covered. Set in the 17th century during the Edo period in Japan, the show’s historical accuracy is one of its strongest selling points. Blue Eye Samurai focuses especially on the struggles and sexism women faced during this time and specializes in creating characters who won’t let unjust societal pressure stop them from achieving their goals. Even everything from the architecture to the clothing of the characters is historically accurate due to Green’s and Noizumi’s extensive research and hiring of expert historians to create one of the most realistic depictions of a country’s past in adult animated show history.

The Shows Mixture of Eastern and Western Music


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A sword fight will always be interesting. However, a sword fight with swelling scores to go along with the swinging of blades is invaluable. For this perfect addition to Blue Eye Samurai, we have composer Amie Doherty to thank for that. Amie Doherty, much like the character Mizu, is a trailblazer, having been the first woman to score a Dreamworks animated film for 2021’s Spirit Untamed. With a 25 song soundtrack (which is available for listening on most music streaming apps), Doherty knocks the ball right out of the park giving the show’s best moments a much appreciated extra layer of awesomeness and perfection.

The Show’s Cast


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Does Gotham Award-winning actress Maya Erskine ring a bell? What about Walk of Fame resident George Takei? I could go on if needed. The point is that Blue Eye Samurai has a cast that overflows with talent and gives it their all to make these animated characters feel life-like with grunts, tones, and cadences that immediately bring you to the edge of your seat. With fans begging for a season 2 we can only hope that Blue Eye Samurai retains their stunning cast in this samurai epic.

The Show’s Animation Style


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Lastly, Blue Eye Samurai is an animation marvel. The show brings 2D and 3D animation together to constantly test our preconceived notions of the limits of animation. Whether it’s to bring a heightened sense of emotion to its characters or express the fluid nature of the human body, Blue Eye Samurai’s animation puts everything that came before it to shame. What’s more spectacular is that show creators Michael Green and Amber Noizumi were newcomers to the animation field and put their faith in animation director Jane Wu to oversee how the show’s script could come to life. Their faith was well placed as Wu delivered her best techniques for Blue Eye Samurai and made sure that we wouldn’t forget Blue Eye Samurai for a long, long time.

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