5 Must-See Movies for Beatles Lovers!

With the news of four separate Beatles biopics – one for each band member – set to be directed by Sam Mendes and released in 2027, we thought it would be a good idea to jog your memory on some of the more famous instances of Beatles-related movies! Here are five flicks for Beatles lovers to enjoy in the meantime!

Yesterday (2019)

Himesh Patel puts on an impressive performance in this musical rom-com, playing a down-on-his-luck musician named Jack Malick who, after a worldwide power outage and bike accident, finds himself as the only person who remembers The Beatles and all of their music. Malick then claims The Beatles’ songs for his own and becomes a pop music icon soon after, touring the world, recording his debut album, and even competing in a fierce songwriting battle with Ed Sheeran. There are several tear-jerking moments as well, most notably when a fictionalized (and now aged) John Lennon advises Malick to pursue his true love, Ellie Appleton. The movie has been received well by fans, as evidenced by a strong 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where to watch: Netflix

Across the Universe (2007)

Named after The Beatles song of the same name, this movie, which received both a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination, creatively uses different tracks from the Fab Four’s discography (over 30, in fact) to enhance the story and move the plot along. Its clever blend of music, Vietnam War-era politics, and young love helps the musical maintain a diverse, yet relatable feel, which itself is a typical aspect of many Beatles tunes. There are also several obscure references to the band throughout the movie, and most of the characters are named after song titles (Jude, Prudence, Sadie, etc.), which any Beatles nut can appreciate.

Where to Watch: Max

Let It Be (1970)

This entry is a little different from most of this list in that it’s a documentary and heavily involves The Beatles themselves on screen. Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who had previously worked with The Beatles on their early music videos for “Paperback Writer” and “Rain,” directed Let It Be in a fly-on-the-wall manner, giving fans insight as to how the band rehearsed and recorded songs at the time. Let It Be has it all, from uncomfortable squabbles that point to a band on the verge of breaking up, to the “rooftop concert,” an improvised show by the group and their last public performance ever. Unused footage and audio from Lindsay-Hogg’s film was later used in Peter Jackson’s 2021 docuseries, The Beatles: Get Back, which holds a “Metascore” of 85 on Metacritic, indicating “universal acclaim.”

Where to Watch: Not currently streaming but can watch The Beatles: Get Back on Disney+

Nowhere Boy (2009)

Nowhere Boy brings us about as far back as you can go, focusing on the impacts and impressions made during John Lennon’s young adult life. The movie also gives insight into Lennon, McCartney, and later, Harrison’s friendship, and how the group honed their songwriting skills during their adolescent years. Nowhere Boy ranges from comedy, like when Lennon (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) needs constant reminders to wear his glasses, to drama with the relationship between Lennon, his Aunt Mimi, and mom, Julia, as well as history through The Beatles’ earliest performances.

Where to Watch: Available to rent on YouTube and Apple TV+

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

From the opening sequence of A Hard Day’s Night, which shows The Beatles doing their famous sprint away from droves of crazed fans, a fun-loving, zany atmosphere is established. The Richard Lester-directed feature is meant to give us an idea, albeit in a playful manner, of The Beatles’ day-to-day life as they prepare for a television appearance. Rotten Tomatoes’ “Tomatometer” gives A Hard Day’s Night a 98% score, while describing it as “rock-and-roll movie classic.” It’s hard to disagree, as nearly every scene is filled with the dry, cunning humor of the time and the obvious musical numbers performed by the group. Lester returned to direct Help! in 1965, which established The Beatles’ own cinematic universe and furthered their high standing in popular culture.

Where to Watch: Max

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