7 International Artists To Add To Your Spotify!

As 2021 wraps up, we’re trying to expand our music listening habits, so here are 7 pop artists based outside of the U.S. that you can listen to on Spotify!

As we’re getting ready for 2022, one of our resolutions is to start branching out to new musicians on Spotify. There are always so many pop artists that are U.S. based and it’s time that we gave some love to the international musicians that are more recognized in their own countries. Here’s a list of 7 international pop artists on Spotify for you to add to your playlists!


Angèle Van Laeken is a Belgian singer-songwriter who has become popular since 2018 in France and Belgium. She has mostly kept to the pop-rap genre and has featured her rapper brother, Roméo Elvis on one of her most popular tracks, “Tout oublier”. Since her gaining popularity, she has even partnered with Dua Lipa, thus expanding her reach and making her even more of an up-and-comer. She sings primarily in French and is definitely worth checking out. If you’re interested in hearing more you can check out her Spotify and listen to her Dua Lipa collab, “Fever”!

Dennis Lloyd

ניר טיבור (pronounced Nir Tibor), goes by Dennis Lloyd in the music world and is an Israeli artist and producer. He enjoys singing in English, dabbles in dance-pop, and has had one huge hit which you may have heard before, “Nevermind”. This song blew up in 2016 and he has been building his career since. Lloyd has also had a more recent start to his career, but has managed to partner with musician Robin Schulz in their 2021 single, “Young Right Now”. For those planning on listening to his tracks on Spotify, we suggest “Alien” as a personal favorite!

Girl Ultra

Mariana de Miguel who goes by Girl Ultra is a Mexican R&B borderline indie-pop artist. Although one of the smaller artists on the list, she also has a big artist collab under her belt for her song “DameLove” featuring Cuco. She has done a mixture of singing in Spanish and English and is still relatively lesser-known in the United States. One of her more popular songs that she is featured on is “Fuera de Lugar” by the band Little Jesus. You should go check her out before she blows up even more on her Spotify and make sure to listen to “DameLove”!


Demo is a pop group that is the oldest on this list by far. It was created by two Russian producers, Vadim Polyakov and Dmitry Postovalov in 1998, and the two were joined a year later by singer, Alexandra Zvereva. The group has been producing music since its formation and although not all of its songs gain as much popularity, “Солнышко” otherwise known as “Sun”, made an appearance on Just Dance 2018 and Just Dance Unlimited. They have been more recognized in Russia, but if you want to dance you should check out their Spotify because “Солнышко” will put you in the mood!

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is a Kenyan afro-pop band with three vocalists, Biel-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, and Savara Mudigi, as well as a singular guitarist, Polycarp Otieno. They started as an a-cappella ensemble in 2005, but have had a slow stretch to fame. The year 2012 was big for the group and they have overall had multiple successful tours in Europe and Africa. They deserve all the recognition they have gotten thus far with their good vibes tunes and if you find them on Spotify, check out their top hit, “Melanin”!

Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar Singh is a renowned Indian pop singer raised in a very musical family. Her sister, Sonu Kakkar, and brother, Tony Kakkar, are both musicians as well. Her career has been very widespread by participating on the show Indian Idol, singing for multiple Bollywood films, and becoming a judge on many different reality television shows. Her YouTube channel is the most famous among any of her platforms, gaining over 4 billion views. Her soft pop is very calming to listen to and if you hop on her Spotify you should play one of her Bollywood songs such as “Dil Ko Karaar Aaya” or “Tu Hi Yaar Mera”!


Yunalis binti Mat Zara’ai, known as Yuna, is a Malaysian singer-songwriter specializing in pop and R&B. She signed to her first label in 2011 and in 2012 had one of her songs, “Live Your Life”, produced by Pharrell Williams, as her breakthrough. She’s received accolades from Rolling Stone magazine as well as being a special guest at events such as Lollapalooza and the Soul Train Music Awards. She continues to become further globally recognized but is still not getting all of what she deserves. Listen to her Spotify that has songs, “Crush” and “Castaway”, featuring popular artists like Usher and Tyler, The Creator!

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