‘Dance Moms’ Alum Hannah Grace Colin Debuts New Single ‘Control’

Dance Moms alum Hannah Grace Colin talks about her new single ‘Control’, advocating against teen bullying, her dream role, and more!

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Posted On: October 19th, 2021 1:10 pm pst

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Hannah Grace Collin Interview

Credit: Hannah Grace Collin’s Youtube

While you might recognize Hannah Grace Colin from her time on Dance Moms as a skilled dancer, she’s showing everyone that she has many-faceted talents that are ready to be shared with the world. 

Colin was able to talk with host Chae’ Jones during a Zoom interview to talk about her newest single ‘Control’, her dream role that’s at the top of her bucket list, walking New York Fashion Week, and more.

Most singers are inspired by what’s going on in their life when it comes to their art. When asked what inspired her new song Colin said, “So basically, ‘Control’ is about myself having control over my life and the outcomes in it and how I take things. It’s kinda like on social media that a lot of people can say things and it can start to change the way you think of yourself. I just wanted to say that I’m in control over what I feel and it’s what other people say doesn’t affect me anymore.” 

This is definitely something a lot of us need to remember when dealing with how we react to things that don’t serve us.

Colin has been an advocate against teen bullying by raising awareness and trying to help other teens cope with bullying. When asked how her passion started, Colin replied, “Yes, so whenever Dance Moms first started airing season 8. A lot of people on social media would say really mean things to me or about me in messages and comments. At first, it really started to get to me and I started to believe everything they were saying. It really hurt me at first but what I had to realize is that these people never actually met me and what they’re getting is based on a reality tv show. Which as most people know can get edited and make people seem different than they actually are. So once I realize that they don’t actually know me for who I really am and my family kinda helped me realize that. I wanted to help other people who I know well. I know not everyone is in the same situation but I know a lot of cyberbullying happens all the time. At school too, there’s a lot of bullying especially with teenagers and stuff. So I just wanted to help other people going through the same thing.”

It’s easy for some people to forget that reality TV is not exactly reality. Colin has taken the negativity that others have sent her way and made something positive and inspiring on the other side. 

Every person in the entertainment industry has that bucket list role…gig…job that is at the top of our list of things we really want to do if given the opportunity to play that dream role. Given the chance, Colin replied, “Okay so, Broadway has been one of my favorite places to watch shows and everything and it’s always been a goal of mine to be on Broadway. One of my favorite shows Matilda there’s a role called Miss Honey. It’s like the teacher. That’s like my dream role I would say. It just fits my personality perfectly. I would just love to play that.”

If you haven’t already checked out ‘Control’, go to Colin’s Youtube Channel to watch her music video. You can also stream the single on all platforms. 

Do you want to know how Colin’s felt filming her music video in her hometown? How did Colin feel about walking in New York Fashion Week? What is her new TV obsession? For the full interview, CLICK HERE

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