10 Of Kate McKinnon’s Best ‘SNL’ Moments!

After 10 seasons, Kate McKinnon is saying goodbye to Saturday Night Live; here are 10 of her best moments from the show!

Kate McKinnon joined the legendary Saturday Night Live in 2012, and we have been laughing ever since.

For 10 seasons, she has never failed to showcase her talent. The unhinged energy she exerts on stage and willingness to transform into multiple characters a night proves dedication and passion.

In honor of McKinnon’s farewell, here are 10 of her hilarious sketches.

Hillary Clinton

McKinnon is known for her spot-on impressions of many political figures but is probably most recognized for portraying Hilary Clinton. From the hair and fitted suit to pitch and delivery, we’re almost seeing double?

Miss Rafferty

The recurring sketch of Miss Rafferty’s close encounters and paranormal occurrences will knock your socks off. Accompanied by Cecily Strong and a featured host, the wacky innuendos from the free-spirited, chain smoker is something McKinnon will always be remembered by.

The Californians

One of the most classic SNL sketches is “The Californians.” McKinnon may not have a lot of lines, but her facial expressions speak for themselves. The intimate soap opera has everyone shocked and in awe, especially McKinnon when the tea was spilled about Karina.

Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo

After McKinnon’s portrayal of Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, you’ll think you’ve seen a ghost. The SNL star captivates the medium’s long nails, big hair, long island accent and mannerisms. She takes a glimpse into people’s lives by talking to their deceased loved ones. The dramatics of this sketch makes it all the more amusing.

Dr. Wayne Wenowdis

The show must go on! Even though the pandemic SNL made sure those at home still had some laughs. McKinnon did not fall short as she appeared on “Weekend Update” alongside Colin Jost as a medical expert. Both cast members could not keep their composure. A laugh is guaranteed; we know dis.

Martha Stewart

We know Martha Stewart to be a little edgy therefore McKinnon’s representation of Stewart in the match.com skit is quite unmatchable, no pun intended. The comical hints of Stewart’s crafty background and sex life is uncanny!

Rudy Giuliani

McKinnon’s transformation into Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is something none of us know we needed. The bald cap and bulging eyes depict Giuliani to a T. While there were many great aspects to this ridiculous sketch, the best part is hearing McKinnon say the famous phrase, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”

Apple Picking Sisters

Many people go to the pumpkin patch or pick apples during the fall season. Aidy Byrant and McKinnon advertise their apple farm that’s FAR from normal. These two bad apples not only have silly accents, but also provide off-the-wall remarks to put viewers right in the mood for fall.


In this sketch, McKinnon plays someone’s skittish mom, and a soap show fanatic yet doesn’t know any of the characters’ names. Between the humorous excuses and her take on The People vs. O.J. show, it will keep you intrigued. You will be cracking up after hearing the nicknames she has for the actors.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

McKinnon taking on the role of Ruth Bader Ginsberg is another iconic character. The pitch, judge’s robe and resilience all coincide with RBG herself. The skit is known for roasting another political figure, followed by “you just got ginsburned.”

Everyone will miss McKinnon’s beloved face on the show, and we know she will continue to make people laugh.

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