Zodiac Signs Of ‘Sex Education’ Characters

After spending 3 seasons with the characters from Sex Education, it’s safe to say we know them pretty well. Based on their personalities, here is what we’ve determined their zodiac signs are!

*Spoilers For Season 3 Ahead*

While Sex Education often dissects topics that are sometimes considered taboo, it also explores themes that we encounter in our daily lives that often go unnoticed. With the solution for a client often helping the main character somehow, everyone is both teaching and learning from each other. As the show progresses, the viewer learns more about each character and their individual personality traits. In a world where astrology is becoming less of a taboo topic itself, we thought it would be fun to explore how these characters’ personalities align with the stars. 

Otis – Gemini

Otis is the main protagonist of the show, and we get to experience his personality first hand. We decided to pin Otis as a Gemini for his personable nature and communication skills, or sometimes lack thereof. Mercury rules Gemini, the planet of communication and the mind, which would explain Otis’ ability to bestow insightful wisdom on his peers. However, like many people, it is easier to advise a friend than it is to yourself. Throughout the show, we can see that lack of communication is often the downfall in his relationships. From the missed connections with Maeve to his relationship with Ola, we see this as a recurring opportunity of growth for him. Through Otis’ character, we learn that sometimes the best way to show up for others is by just listening to their needs. 

Jean – Scorpio 

While it would be easy to pin this placement on the sexual health expert, we see Jean as a Scorpio beyond her career. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of sex, truth, and anything taboo. Jean’s character is very open and upfront when discussing topics she is passionate about, often with a certain intensity, in true Scorpio fashion. This is something that even Jakob noted when hearing her speak at the family assembly at the school in season 2. However, when it comes to her personal life, she is very closed off and seems to be afraid of vulnerability. When we meet her character at the beginning, she is a non-committal serial dater. When turning away a suitor looking to explore a relationship, she tells him, “I am extremely busy with work and raising my son, and I just have no room in my life for the kind of intimacy you are clearly craving.” When things end with Jakob at the end of season 2, he tells her, “You’re not ready for the kind of intimacy that I’m looking for…” A complete 180 from where our story began, this exemplifies Jean when she is functioning in a space of familiarity versus a Scorpio’s deep uncharted waters. We learn through her character the importance of vulnerability and its ability to grow connections. 

Maeve – Aquarius

Maeve shows up as the Aquarius of the group through her rebellious and revolutionary nature. From her love of Bikini Kill and dyed hair to the ways her character is constantly challenging the status quo within her community, she embodies textbook Aquarius energy. It also shows up in her relationships with her friends and family, detached both literally and figuratively from those around her. She lives in a trailer park, away from her friends, while her mom and brother abandoned her. When it comes to her more personal relationships, she tends to stray from relying on her friends and doesn’t let others know how she’s feeling. When she was preparing to turn down the opportunity to study abroad because she was in a good place with Otis, her best friend Amy refused to let her make that mistake. Through her character, and in this scene, in particular, we learn through Maeve’s character that it is okay to rely on our friends for help.

Eric – Sagittarius

Eric is definitely a Sagittarius based on his independence and ability to be unapologetically himself. His outgoing personality and readiness to stick up for those he cares about are what make his character so loveable. With Sagittarius’ ruling planet being Jupiter, the planet of travel and abundance, we see these themes showing up in a literal sense too. Eric’s character is from Nigeria, and in season 3, we see him travel there and celebrate another major part of his identity. As a gay man in Nigeria, he could die because of his identity, but that did not stop him from wanting to be true to himself. In a conversation he had with his mom, he told her that he didn’t want to hide who he was from his family any longer, and this is where his bravery showed itself. Through Eric’s character, we learn the importance of staying true to ourselves and taking risks. From his over-the-top makeup looks to the way he shows up for himself and his intersectional identities.

Jackson – Leo

The “star boy” of the school, Jackson, is a Leo to the tee. As if calling him the star wasn’t enough, we get to experience his Leo nature in the first season, when he professes his love for Maeve in a musical number, which was performed in front of the entire grade. This eventually led to him exploring acting more, something he enjoyed even when he was a kid, according to his moms. Besides Leos being the Sun of the party and often in the spotlight, they are also known for their natural leadership skills and compassionate nature. This shows up in his role as the schools’ head boy and how he showers Maeve with love, even if it wasn’t necessarily what she was looking for at the time. Jackson teaches us to go for what we want in our lives and recognize when to move one from a particular moment or “role” that we were playing. 

Lily – Pisces

Maybe it’s her out-of-this-world personality or her unconventional style and love for aliens, but Lily gives us serious Pisces vibes. The sign of Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which ironically is the farthest planet from Earth. This plays into Pisces otherworldly nature and tendency to remain hidden within the safety of their imagination. Lily seems to use her art as an outlet to express herself and to tell stories that mirror her own life. As the viewer, we get to peek into her world and experience what remains hidden from her peers. Lily doesn’t end up sharing this part of her publicly until season 3 when she submits her story to a newspaper competition. Even though that experience didn’t turn out to be what she expected, we learn with her the importance of taking a leap of faith to express ourselves and share different parts of ourselves with the world. You never know who may resonate with your story. 

Ruby –  Taurus

Ruby embodies the regal Empress energy that is Taurus as the queen bee of the school. While we may be greeted with a standoffish front, like the signs’ symbol of the bull, there is a very nurturing side to Taurus natives. When Ruby lets Otis and her friends have a peek into her life in season 3, we see that she is a sweet and thoughtful person helping to take care of her sick dad. As her character opens up more throughout that season, Ruby teaches us that it is okay to be vulnerable and ask your friends for help and support. 

Adam – Aries 

Adam is an Aries based on how he is motivated by his goals and passions, which we see more of as his story progresses. He is working to become a better person for himself and others, which challenges him to learn new things. He is determined to apply himself, and we see this as he tries to be a better boyfriend to Eric, training his dog and applying himself at school. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, ambition, and impulses. Some of these other traits show up in the earlier seasons, like the impulsivity of flashing everyone in the cafeteria or the aggression that showed when he would put others in harm’s way. We later learn that he’s a bully because his father is a bully, and his father is a bully because his father was a bully. So it goes. Adam’s character shows us the growth that one endures over time. He teaches us that the only way to heal your relationships is by first healing your relationship with yourself. 

Aimee – Libra 

Aimee is a very extroverted and caring person and always wants what’s best for those around her. We especially see this in her relationship with Maeve and the great ways that she shows up for her as a friend. The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, governed by the planet’s justice, love, and relationship energies. After her experience on the bus in season 2, Aimee is spending a lot of time coping and seeking to restore balance in her life. Talking to her friends made her feel safe and supported and eventually led her to seek professional help and healing through Jean. Aimee’s character teaches us the importance of taking care of our mental health and giving ourselves space to process the things we may experience in our lives. 

Jakob – Cancer

Cancer is definitely going to have to be Jakob. From his nurturing and gentle nature to finding loyalty essential in relationships, he shares many similarities with this water sign. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which governs the home, emotions, and protective energies. We learn that Jakob discovered that his wife was cheating on him before she got sick and passed away, so he never got to deal with those emotions. Jean is the first woman he has been with since her passing, and he already had his guard up. Her kissing her ex-husband eventually led to their relationship’s demise, and while Jean felt that it was not that serious, Jakob knew that she had crossed a boundary. Knowing his limits and responsibilities as a father, he stood grounded in his beliefs. The beautiful thing that we learn from Jakob through their relationship is that you can love someone and still acknowledge that it may not be healthy to keep them in your life, and that is okay. 

Miss Sands – Virgo

The unsung hero of the show, Miss Sands, is a Virgo in our eyes. Virgo is very service-oriented; they love helping others. We see this in her relationship with her student Maeve, recognizing how talented she is and using her job as an opportunity to inspire students like Maeve to strive for more. She also ends up helping Adam with his studies when he is looking to change his attitude towards school. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, like Gemini, and embodies the planet’s analytical and intelligent energies. In the Mean Girl-esque episode in season 2, all of the girls ended up in detention after Miss Sands believed they were spreading rumors about her. We later discover it was not them but her form of discipline that allowed the girls to bond and support one another. Miss Sands teaches us that embracing who you are allows you to fearlessly show up in the world, for both ourselves and others. 

*We didn’t feature Ola because her Wiki fandom page said she is a Sagittarius, but she was a Capricorn in our world. Her character taught us to find strength and stability!*

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