Your DC Character Based On Your Zodiac Sign!

From Stargirl to the Joker, find out what DC character you are based on your zodiac sign!


Each Zodiac sign is associated with a set of personality traits and even sometimes physical features to characterize. Whether you are a full supporter of astrology, don’t really understand it but go with it, or think it’s a fluke, these character zodiac associations are too good not to believe.

Aries – Stargirl: (March 20th – April 18th)

Aries is a fire sign. Aries tend to be confident leaders who are passionate. This encapsulates the one and only Stargirl
perfectly. She is a young and fiery superhero.


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Taurus – Poison Ivy: April 19th – May 20th

Taurus is an earth sign. Taurus individuals are stubborn, social, and intelligent. Look no further than Poison Ivy, the protector of Mother Earth. Poison Ivy, formerly known as, Pamela Isley, an intelligent witty botanist makes her a perfect fit. When stepping into her antihero role as Poison Ivy, her stubbornness to work alone got in the way of her goals, a common experience among Taurus individuals.


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Gemini – The Joker: May 20th – June 21st

Gemini is an air sign. Geminis are known for being clever, extroverted, and impulsive. This describes the Joker to a tee. The Joker is known for being clever and impulsive in his villainous activities.

Cancer – Harley Quinn: June 21st – July 22nd

Cancer is a water sign. Cancers are sensitive, strong, and temperamental. These adjectives describe the one and only Harley Quinn so well. While she puts up a bad girl front, she’s a lot more emotional than she leads on.


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Leo – Kid Flash: July 22nd – August 22nd

Leo is a fire sign. Leo individuals tend to be big-hearted, determined, and natural leaders. While Kid Flash is a bit quirky and can come off as “a bit too much” at times, he is the sweetest guy who is confident in himself and a promising leader of Young Justice.


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Virgo – Batman: August 22nd – September 22nd

Virgo is an earth sign. Virgos are fast thinkers, practical and humble. Batman embodies all of these traits and more. He is known for being a detective and quick on his feet. Being a superhero with no powers, he has to rely on his key traits to keep himself alive while saving others.


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Libra – Robin: September 22nd – October 23rd

Libras are an air sign and tend to be prone to fantasy, hate being alone, and have a tough time making decisions. These traits make for a team player rather than a leader or a solo hero. For this reason, Robin is coined as a libra since he is the ultimate sidekick.


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Scorpio – Wonder Woman: October 23rd – November 22nd

Scorpio is a fire sign. They are known for being brave, loyal, and honest. Wonder Woman is the quintessential Scorpio with her brave badassery!


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Sagittarius – Vigilante: November 22nd – December 21st

Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sagittarius individuals seek adventure, are risk-takers, and are focused. This makes Vigilante the perfect Sagittarius. He is friendly, always up for the next hero’s duty, and willing to do whatever it takes to get there.


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Capricorn – Batgirl: December 21st – January 20th

Capricorn is an earth sign. Capricorns are known for being organized, ambitious, and a bit stubborn. Because of this, look no further than Batgirl to be your DC zodiac buddy. Even when Batman and Robin tried to stop her, she continued to fight for the City of Gotham and eventually proved herself.


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Aquarius – Supergirl: January 19th – February 18th

Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarius is known for being free-spirited, progressive, and innovative. Supergirl embodies these qualities the best. With her go-get-’em attitude and passion for making the world a better place, she makes for the perfect Aquarius.

Pisces – Miss Martian: February 18th – March 20th

Pisces is a water sign. Pisces are known for being intuitive, wise, and compassionate. Miss Martian is the definition of a Pisces. She is a focused leader who leads with her heart and natural intuition. Miss Martian is also hypersensitive to emotions partly due to her mind-reading capabilities, she sometimes hears things she wishes she didn’t.


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