Why You Should Watch Netflix’s ‘Bird Box Barcelona’!

The newest installment of the Bird Box franchise just dropped and we’ve got all the reasons you should watch!

Bird Box Barcelona takes place in Spain, so lots of its characters only speak Spanish. You can watch the dubbed version, it’s still a great viewing experience, but Spanish is such a beautiful language to hear you might want to give subtitles a try; you won’t regret it! There are many more reasons why you should head over to Netflix and watch, so let’s get into it.

Clever World Building

One of the ways that the Bird Box franchise builds its fictional world is by developing the way humans survive against “The Creatures”. Barcelona builds on the survival tactics characters adopted in the first film. For example, the humans blindfold their dogs to protect them from “The Creatures”. This small detail makes for a sweet scene later in the film, highlighting our capacity for love and care even in the worst of scenarios. In another scene, the survivors break into mailboxes in an effort to determine their location. They survey the contents of the boxes under the cloak of blankets and navigate accordingly. It’s moments of human ingenuity like this that make the world of Bird Box so vivid.

Greater Themes

One of the biggest draws of the Bird Box universe is the discussions it sparks about truth and Bird Box Barcelona doesn’t disappoint in this area. Sebastián, the main character, struggles between knowing different truths throughout the film. The viewers question his ideas about truth alongside him. Without spoiling the ending, Sebastián’s final challenge to determine the truth for himself serves as a mirror for the viewer. We’re called to examine what we consider true and how we came to that conclusion. If Sebastián is able to confront his previously unchallenged beliefs, why can’t we?

The Ending

The ending, of course, features a final battle between wills. Through this meeting, we get closure with this cast of characters and are ready to look forward. What’s interesting about the ending, beyond the wrap-up of this film’s characters, is how much we learn about the military. Another installment of the franchise is likely in the works, so a pivot toward the future isn’t surprising. This glimpse into the military’s efforts is an interesting cliffhanger that gets us excited for whatever comes next. What are “Seers”? What are the ethics of survival in the apocalypse? Where will we go next?

Expansion of Bird Box Lore

If nothing else, you should watch Bird Box Barcelona because it commits to expanding the rules of the Bird Box universe. We learn so much about what “The Creatures” might be and how they are able to embody every individual’s deep rooted wants, needs, and fears. One character introduces the idea that “The Creatures” may be influenced by the rules of quantum mechanics, making them infinitely capable and infinitely dangerous. This explains why humans fail so miserably at surviving; “The Creatures” are an incredible force. The first Bird Box film left us with a lot of questions about how “The Creatures” work, but Bird Box Barcelona seeks to answer at least a few of those questions. You’ve got to watch to find out more!

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