Why You Should Be Excited About Rolling Loud 2024!

This year’s festival boasts an impressive roster of artists, including YG, Tyga, Post Malone, Suicide Boys, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, and more! Here’s a detailed look at why you should be excited about Rolling Loud 2024.

Rolling Loud, the world’s largest hip-hop festival, is gearing up for an epic stage at SoFi-stadium. With a lineup that is set to blow fans away. This festival promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for all music fans alike; let’s get right into the reasons why.

Energetic Artist Performances

YG, the Compton-born rapper known for his Los Angeles style rap with hits like “Left, Right” and “Big Bank,” that are a staple in the hip-hop scene, will be performing. His easily recognizable voice, high-energy performances and raw lyrics make him a crowd favorite at Rolling Loud, and fans can expect nothing less than an electrifying set from this West Coast legend.

Tyga, the versatile rapper behind hits like “Taste” and “Rack City” always brings his signature style and infectious energy to the Rolling Loud stage. Known for his catchy hooks and club bangers, Tyga is guaranteed to get the crowd moving and create a memorable moment at the festival.

Post Malone, the multi-talented artist whose genre-blending music has taken the world by storm, is set to grace the Rolling Loud stage with his unique sound and captivating performance style. With chart-topping hits like “White Iverson” and “Rockstar,” Post Malone’s sets are the epitome of a show-stopping performance that will leave fans in awe and in a phone recording frenzy.

Suicide Boys, the New Orleans-based rap duo known for their dark and gritty style, are a must-see act at Rolling Loud 2024. With their hard-hitting beats and intense lyrics, Suicide Boys bring a raw energy to the stage that lights up a festival crowd with songs like “Paris” and “For the last time”.

Nicki Minaj, the iconic rapper and queen of hip-hop, is back again at Rolling Loud 2024. With a catalog of hits spanning over a decade of songs like “Only” and “Beez In The Trap”, Nicki’s presence at the festival is sure to be a highlight for fans of all generations.


The festival features artists who represent the full spectrum of hip-hop music. With the Spanish rap scene gaining traction it’s no wonder they’re inviting artists like Nathaniel Cano, Chino Pacas, and Junior H as special guests.

This diversity not only offers something for every type of hip-hop fan but also fosters a sense of inclusivity and unity within the community.
Artists come together on the Rolling Loud stage to share their stories, perspectives, and experiences through music.

4th Day Installment

A 4th day was added for no extra charge to Rolling Loud in mid February. Featuring Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign.

They’re calling it Vultures Thursday. This is set to be a sort of pre-fest as it is the new opening day into the Rolling Loud Fest weekend!

Tasty and Unique Vendors

All the delicious foodies love Rolling Loud’s abundant food sections. They feature a wide variety of vendors offering food, merchandise, and services to attendees. Food vendors serve up a diverse selection of delicious meals, snacks and drinks catering to a range of tastes and dietary preferences.

Merchandise vendors sell official Rolling Loud apparel, artist merchandise, and unique items that allow fans to commemorate their festival experience. Additionally, vendors offering services such as charging stations, water stations, and merchandise pick-up locations help enhance the overall convenience and comfort of attendees throughout the event.

Beautiful Art Installations

Capture the magic of Rolling Loud 2024 with stunning photo ops scattered throughout the festival grounds. From Instagram-worthy backdrops to immersive art installations, there are plenty of picture-perfect spots where you can strike a pose, snap a selfie, or capture unforgettable moments with friends. Document your festival experience in style and create lasting memories with the perfect photo souvenirs.

Rolling Loud 2024 features a diverse range of art installations that enhance the overall festival experience. These installations include large-scale sculptures that they’re calling “Giant Punx” interactive exhibits, graffiti walls, and immersive art experiences.

Tattoo and Haircut Parlors

Express yourself with a touch of ink or a fresh new look at the festival’s tattoo parlor and haircut parlor. Professional artists and stylists will be on hand to help you create a one-of-a-kind tattoo design or give you a bold new haircut that reflects your personal style. No more annoying trips to the barber shop a day before, get it all done the day of !

So Many Activities

This festival also features multiple rides called “Wavy Baby”, “Wheel of Steel”, “The TrapHouse”, “Super Shot Caller” and even a basketball court so people can run 3 on 3 pick up games.

You can also experience many different bar locations, beer pong set ups, Karaoke stages, designated 420 lots, and electric boat racing at Rolling Loud 2024, providing a unique and exhilarating spectacle for attendees to enjoy. You’re sure to never get bored at this festival!

Limited Free Merch/Unique Items

Score exclusive merchandise and unique items at Rolling Loud 2024, with select vendors offering limited free giveaways and special offerings for festival attendees. From artist collaborations to festival memorabilia, you’ll have the opportunity to snag one-of-a-kind items. Some of which becomes valuable memorabilia.


Rolling Loud creates a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where people of different backgrounds can come together to celebrate their love for hip-hop. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the genre, Rolling Loud offers an inclusive space where everyone is welcome to experience the magic of live music The atmosphere at Rolling Loud 2024 is electrifying and full of energy. The festival grounds are transformed into a hub of creativity and self-expression, where fans can come together to celebrate their favorite artists and genres.


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