Why You Need To Watch YouTube’s New Show ‘Bravas’ Right Now!

Need a new show to binge watch, I got the perfect one. Keep reading to find out why you need to be watching YouTube’s ‘Bravas!

Let’s get right to it!

Bravas is YouTube’s newest original show that premiered on Natti Natasha’s channel on October 7, 2020.

And it’s safe to say we are OBSESSED.

The show follows three best friends, Mila, Roja, and Ashley on their journey to reach their musical dreams.

Mila and Roja are the talented singers that make up the duo ‘La Milagrosa’ while Ashley is the group’s social media influencer who thrives on making sure her girls get noticed.

Not only that, but the show features reggaeton singers like Wisin, Lyanno, Jon Z, and Darkiel.

The main subject of the show is music, obviously, but more specifically reggaeton.

It’s no secret that the genre has, and still remains male-dominated but this show highlights the talent women have and that they can, in fact, keep up with the men.

It’s also pretty cool that Natti Natasha, one of reggaeton’s leading ladies, is the executive producer. She even makes a cameo on the show.

Natti Natasha said that she hopes the show empowers women and gives them a push to accomplish their goals.

Bravas tackles so many issues currently happening in Latin American countries and is a symbol for change.

The powerful movement called “Ni Una Menos”, which translates to “Not One (woman) Less”, originated in Argentina and has spread worldwide. It’s message is to stop the violence against women and calls for an end to machismo.

Artists like Bad Bunny and Ozuna have used their platforms to spread awareness about the movement and have encouraged others to do the same.

Bravas is no different. The show talks about this issue and even dedicates a song to the movement.

Apart from that, the show’s main characters discuss the blatant inequality women face in their country and want to make a difference.

Bravas is the first YouTube Originals show to be produced in Latin America and was filmed in Puerto Rico.

The show also has a soundtrack that is repeat worthy!

If you have YouTube Premium you can binge watch the eight episode show right now or watch for free as new episodes are released every week.

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