Why You Need To Watch ‘Survival of the Thickest’ ASAP!

This new comedy is the most pleasant of surprises! Read on to find out all the reasons you should binge Michelle Buteau’s Survival of the Thickest.

Survival of the Thickest recently premiered on Netflix and you need to check it out! Watching Mavis Beaumont, played by Michelle Buteau, struggle her way through a painful breakup in New York City is a delight. Mavis’ little life is colorful and eventful and teeming with vibrant characters. She makes you want to keep watching because you’re wholly invested in her journey. You’re either currently Mavis, have been a Mavis, or love a Mavis. She’s that relatable. Let’s get into the specifics!

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Michelle Buteau is utterly charming as plus-size stylist Mavis Beaumont. You might know Buteau from her comedy special Welcome to Buteaupia or one of her many supporting roles in various TV shows and movies over the last ten years. Regardless of where you know her from, you’ll be captivated by her portrayal of Mavis, a 38-year-old woman on the cusp of changing her life. In the third episode, when a love interest calls Mavis charming over dinner, her response is, “Thank you. I think the big titties and the freckles help though.” She’s at least half-right. Mavis’ freckles, big brown eyes, and lighthearted sense of humor give her a childlike and mischievous quality that gets you on her side in the first moments of the series. Buteau plays Mavis tender in the right places and headstrong when the moment calls for it. Charming is right!


The fashion on this show rivals that of Sex and the City. Mavis works as a stylist, so all of her looks are stunning and memorable. It’s clear that the wardrobe department on this show knows how to dress plus-size bodies. The fun of the series is that all the characters have great style, too. Marley, Mavis’ female best friend, steals so many scenes with her mono-color sweat suits and corporate power outfits. Natasha, Mavis’ high-strung boss, is almost always dressed up in some sort of gorgeous gown. Luca, one of Mavis’ love interests, moves from perfectly-tailored suits to scruffy-golden-retriever-boyfriend outfits that make you want to pat him on the head. Look out New York, Mavis, and her stylish posse are taking the city by storm!

Positive Plus-Size Representation

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Survival of the Thickest is that Mavis is treated like any other leading lady in a rom-com. Mavis is a girl in romantic peril who gets over her ex by getting under someone else, just like every other thin female protagonist in TV history. The fact that Mavis is fat plays almost no role in her story. Weight loss is not a cornerstone of her personality, nor is it her journey on the show. Men are openly attracted to her, and their attraction to her is not a joke. Even Mavis’ overbearing mother doesn’t make unsavory comments about her weight, despite being actively invested in her marrying as soon as possible. Survival of the Thickest is really a breath of fresh air when it comes to positive fat representation. Mavis is more than her weight, and we love her for it!


Marley and Khalil are the two best friends we all deserve. They tell Mavis the truth when she doesn’t want to hear it. They support her in all endeavors, even when they know she could do better. And they are always available for Mavis in her time of need. What more could a girl want? Marley has an interesting arc of her own throughout the season, which we won’t spoil, but will say it is very enlightening – both for her and for viewers. Khalil also undergoes quite a transformation over the course of the show’s eight episodes. It’s lovely to be able to get to know not just Mavis, but her two biggest cheerleaders as well. We’re excited to see where Marley and Khalil go in Season 2!

If these reasons didn’t convince you, just check out the trailer – it will!

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