Why ‘The Morning Shows’ Alex and Bradley Are Our Favorite Realistic TV Coworkers

Alex and Bradley from The Morning Show have definitely had a lot of ups and downs so far, but that’s what makes their characters so relatable. Here are four reasons why they’re our favorite realistic TV coworkers. 

They Have a Rocky Relationship

In the most recent season, we see the aftermath of Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) leaving the “Morning Show.” This leaves Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) having to co-anchor with Eric Nomani. But, when he gets switched to anchoring the evening news Alex is brought back to fill the open anchor seat with Bradley. Since Alex’s leave, Bradley still has a lot of emotions and feels betrayed since Alex never called or asked about how she was doing after she left the show. The two never got along in the previous season since Bradley was new to the news station and Alex had been there a while and wasn’t looking to be a guide or help her. In the midst of all the chaos and drama, they are still able to communicate and work together against the difficult work environment.

They Are Able To Put On a Positive Face on Camera

It’s amazing to see them bickering five seconds before rolling, but as soon as they are live, they are able to put on a happy face and tell the news as if nothing happened. The two are super professional and can still manage to do the work together and not allow their differences to get the best of them.

After All The Chaos, They Still Support One Another

Though they bicker and fight about newsroom drama, they are still looking out for one another. Like when Laura Peterson interviewed Alex for her comeback to the “Morning Show,” Peterson’s sudden intrusive question set Alex off and she warned Bradley that this might happen to her. Since Bradley is new to the show, she in some ways trusts what Alex says about certain people in the industry like who to watch out for. Thus, we see a bond start to grow between the two which makes us excited to see them grow as coworkers.

They Have Healthy Competition…

Bradley throughout the show made it clear that she was going to get what she wanted and she will work to compete with others in order to reach that goal. Alex is also very similar in competitiveness so the two made it clear to one another that they were still going to work hard and compete to get what they want. This honesty makes them so much better as coworkers as they both are able to work together but still work their ways to get what they want.

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Abby Wu is a senior broadcast journalism major at Emerson College and an intern at Afterbuzz TV. She is obsessed with all things entertainment and hopes to be working in the entertainment industry one day.