Why Megan Thee Stallion is Such a SAVAGE!

Megan Thee Stallion’s musicality makes her one of the most famous artists in the rap game right now. Stallion’s lyricism, enticing performances, and the fact that she is always coming out with something new are three reasons to become one of Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hotties.”

The Houston-raised artist, is one of the most famous female rappers in the world. Stallion first went viral in 2016 after a clip of her freestyling to Drake’s “4 PM in Calabasas” was posted online. Stallion continued her rise to fame when she released “Big Ole Freak” as a single in 2018. Her debut EP, Tina Snow, featured the hit in 2018. “Tina Snow” is an alter ego that Stallion took on to pay tribute to one of her favorite rappers, Pimp C. Stallion’s connection to the Tina Snow persona comes from her confidence and relaxation when listening to his music. Stallion works to emulate the same laid-back and feel-good vibe from her music. “Stallion” refers to the rapper’s impressive figure; Megan is 5 ’10, and most of her social media posts show her curvaceous figure. So far, Stallion has received 15 BET awards, four AMAs, three Grammys, two iHeart Radio awards, two MTV awards, two NAACP, and several other awards commemorating her stellar rapping and character. Megan Thee Stallion is one of the most influential voices in rap music today. The ultra-positive message of her music, entertaining performances, and ever-growing discography are three reasons you need to add Megan Thee Stallion to your music library.


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The smooth, enticing lyricism in Megan Thee Stallion’s music connects her with her listeners as she promotes the importance of body positivity. Stallion’s exceptional skill as a rapper was born at an early age. Stallion developed an interest in songwriting when she was 14 years old after listening to songs performed by her mother, Holly Thomas, professionally known as Holly-Wood. Stallion describes her mother as a gangster rapper, noting Holly-Wood’s hard-hitting lyrics. Stallion’s lyricism possesses similar elements to her mother’s. Stallion’s rhymes are precise, direct, and engaging, further demonstrating the authoritative nature of the rapping style. Stallion’s lyrics powerfully express her confidence and authentic character, especially making her a role model for young women. Most of Stallion’s fan base consists of teenage and young adult women, whom she refers to as “Hotties .”The “Hotties” are mostly comprised of teenagers and young adults, two age groups that tend to have self-esteem issues because of their physical appearance. Stallion calls her fans Hotties as she strives to make her listeners feel good about themselves and their body image.

For instance, Stallion’s top hits “Hot Girl Summer” (2019) and “Body” (2020) open with her saying, “Real hot girl sh*t .”This is one of Stallion’s signature voiceovers promoting women’s empowerment and body positivity. One of Stallion’s top hits on this topic is “Savage (Remix)” featuring Beyoncé. The Houston natives make an incredible duo as they explicitly manifest themselves as a “Savage” on this track. In the chorus, Megan sings, “I’m a savage (Yeah), attitude nasty (Yeah, ah)/ Talk big sh*t, but my bank account match it (Ooh)/Hood, but I’m classy, rich, but I’m ratchet (Oh, ah)”. Beyoncé turns heads in the second verse referring to her outstanding figure, “Hips tick-tock when I dance (Dance)/ On that Demon Time, she might start a OnlyFans (OnlyFans)/Big B an that B stands for bands/ If you wanna see some real a** stand for bands”. The remix was released as a single in 2020 and won a Grammy, MTV, and Soul Train award. The remix dominated TikTok as many users performed the dance challenge choreographed by TikTok influencer Keara Wilson (@keke. janajah). Megan Thee Stallion’s music promoting women’s empowerment is gravitating because of the ultra-positive messages she projects on the subject.

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Megan Thee Stallion brings her music to life with every single performance. Whether working the camera or an entire live audience, Stallion performs with style and finesse to radiate the “Hot Girl” energy she expresses in her lyrics. Stallion’s most entertaining performances are in Texas, as she has spoken about connecting better with an audience from her home state. Stallion frequently refers to herself as an “H-Town Hottie” in her songs, paying homage to her hometown. Stallion loves doing shows in Texas and has even put on a few free concerts for her “Houston Hotties.” For instance, Stallion headlined a free concert at the AT&T Block Party at the 2023 NCAA March Madness Music Festival. She stated in a Rolling Stone article, “I feel like I have to put on for my city because we have so many legends and so many greats.” However, she added, “But I don’t feel like we ever really had a female rapper come from Houston or Texas and shut s**t down.” Stallion is proud of her Texan heritage and celebrates her hometown through her southern-style flow in songs like Southside Royalty Freestyle (2021) and Tuned In (Freestyle) (2021).

Megan Thee Stallion is a very talented dancer. Stallion’s performances are incredibly high-energy and involve complex choreography and moves that accentuate her stunning physique. At the 2021 Grammy Awards, Stallion performed her hits, “Body” (2020) and “Savage” (2020), accompanied by a risqué dance performance (twerk-heavy). Stallion has been accused on multiple occasions of her dance style as being too provocative, primarily because she is twerking or gyrating her hips in all of her dances. However, Stallion’s 2021 Grammy performance was deemed one of the best in the show for the elegance and tastefulness presented through the alluring choreography, set, and costume design.

In addition to Megan’s captivating lyricism and performance style, she always comes out with something new. Since Stallion’s first studio album was released in 2017, she has released one new album in addition to several singles yearly. Stallion’s discography is increasing and recently includes two new singles, “Cobra” (2023) and “Hiss” (2024). In these two tracks, Stallion displayed a true sense of courage and resilience in her lyrics as she revealed some of the mental struggles she was dealing with in the aftermath of both her parents’ deaths, leaving her longtime label, and the Tory Lanez shooting in 2020.

In both of these tracks, Stallion represents her depression and path to healing with a snake. Traditionally, serpents symbolize transformation, rebirth, and healing because of the reptile’s ability to shed its skin routinely. Stallion greatly epitomizes a snake’s metamorphic prowess through the “Cobra” music video. The video begins with Stallion climbing out of a cobra’s mouth directly after it sheds its skin. Stallion is wearing natural makeup and a nude two-piece suit that tremendously shows off her figure. This opening sets the tone for the transformative story that Stallion aims to tell. While the rapper hasn’t confirmed any details for her next album, she will likely continue to rap about her mental health journey in recent years through the symbolism of a snake. Additionally, given Stallion’s frequency of releasing new music throughout her career, the new album will hopefully be released sometime in 2024!


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