‘Who Killed Sara?’: Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

In the thrilling season finale, Alex (Manolo Cardona) tests Elisa (Carolina Miranda) on her loyalty, and Rodolfo learns details about Sara’s death.

*Spoilers for Episode 4 Below*

In episode four, Alex relives some of his flashbacks. We get a vivid confirmation that Cesar promised that he would take care of the sick Mrs. Guzman and that Alex would be back to normal life in two weeks. As we know, that is not the case.

Rodolfo, still feeling extreme amounts of guilt and concerned about Bruno, visits Alex and offers him money. Alex mocks him before tearing the check in two. Rodolfo begs for Bruno to not be affected, which surprises Alex. Because Alex didn’t send the picture to Bruno’s classmates!

As Rodolfo leaves, Alex tries to convince him that someone in his family murdered Sara. Alex has been studying this case for 18 years. He knows the parachute was tampered with, which shocks Rodolfo. And if it wasn’t Rodolfo, it was another Lazcano. After all, “every family has a monster.” After Rodolfo leaves, Diana the Hunter confirms they know Alex personally.

Meanwhile, the other Lazcano siblings are heaving troubling evenings as well. Chema burns the tapes he promised Alex, while Elisa has ominous dreams that are helping her remember her childhood.

The next morning, the Lazcano family has the talk of all talks. Elisa and Chema bring up details about Sara’s death, which makes the parents uncomfortable, and it’s like they’re pretending to be innocent. Mariana gets defensive as the conversation continues, but Rodolfo’s dramatic entrance where he shows up and says he didn’t kill anyone only adds fuel to the fire. As her kids continue to put pressure, Mariana admits a single partial truth: when everyone went to the hospital, she cleaned the boat, and the parachute wasn’t cut. Tension lingers as everyone goes their separate ways.

We then see a flashback of the disaster threesome Chema had with Alex. After the girl leaves, Chema confesses to Alex that he’s in love with him. In the kindest way possible, Alex rejects him, saying he loves him too, but not in the same way. He’d rather be a brother forever than an ex.

In the present time, Elisa tries to prove she’s here to help Alex. However, he doesn’t trust her. He gives her a task: track down the family accountant. Elisa happily accepts, kissing him before she leaves.

Meanwhile, after a hectic morning, Rodolfo is trying to relax in the sauna. But the temperature keeps rising, and when he tries to leave the door won’t open. We see that outside the sauna, someone has placed tables in front of the door, locking him in, and there’s nothing he can do to get out. As temperatures continue to climb, Rodolfo eventually passes out.

In this sequence, we also see Mariana vaguely confess to a priest. She says that she’d do anything to take care of her children. Even if God is supposed to take care of her children, she’ll still do anything for them.

Cesar takes Bruno to a VIP section of the club. But when they get to their destination, we see what are presumably prostitutes. Cesar introduces Bruno to one, saying she’ll make him into a man, and the two disappear into the back room. But Bruno doesn’t want to have sex with the prostitute. And after a few failed attempts to initiate something, she asks for help instead.

We then see a flashback of Elroy as he brings the vest to the boat. Mirroring this, he arrives at the family house, and he is able to save Rodolfo.

The other Lazcano siblings are having their own issues as well. Elisa is able to track down Jorge and convince him to meet with a family friend, and Chema tries to convince his BOYFRIEND to accept Clara as a surrogate.

Later that evening, Elisa takes Jorge to meet Alex in a parking lot. As Jorge crosses to meet with Alex, he’s hit by a car. And the one driving is none other than Elroy.

This episode was a super intense finale for the season. It seemed to wrap up certain plot points, like Elisa and Alex’s rocky relationship. But it introduced a whole lot of new questions. Will Bruno find a way to help the women in the VIP section? What exactly did Mariana do? What did Jorge know? What is Chema up to? These are the answers I need.

The stand-out scene was the Lazcano family breakfast. There’s something so captivating about watching this family begin to crumble under the pressure. Watching the dynamics change as the kids begin to move closer to the truth is super interesting. While they are a family, Elisa and Rodolfo have already accepted that someone is a monster, and they want to know who.

The ending was also crazy! I never expected Elroy to his Jorge with his car. While this does answer questions, it only does so on the surface. We can assume from Elroy bringing the parachute to the boat and killing Jorge that he was the one who tampered with Sara’s vest. But he’s just an assistant at the end of the day. What were his motives? Was it really Mariana? I sure think so. But we’ll just have to wait for season two to get any answers!

Who Killed Sara? can be streamed now on Netflix.

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