Wherefore Art Thou Bromance? – S5 E8 ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap & Review

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Episode Recap

Ray tells Nora that he’s ready to leave the Waverider to start his life with Nora.  They tell the rest of the Legends except for Nate because Ray doesn’t know how to tell his best friend.
Failing to get Ray to tell Nate, the Legends focus on getting the first piece of the Loom of Fate. Charlie left that piece, a ring, with William Shakespeare.  The team travels back to 16th century London and meet Shakespeare who just recently gave the ring to his manager to get more time to put on his new play, Romeo and Juliet.  Shakespeare is struggling with how to end the play.
While Nate and Ray try to come up with a cool way to get the ring from the manager, Charlie steals it and brings the mission to an end.  Feeling like his last mission wasn’t epic enough and not ready to tell Nate yet, Ray tries to stall their return to the Waverider.  Nate decides this would be the perfect time to do Ray’s bachelor party.
On the Waverider, book club is happening and they decide to turn it into a bridal shower for Nora.
In Hell, Astra looks into a special pool tat lets her look at what Constantine is doing to get the Loom of Fate.  She arrives to see the Legends celebrating in the tavern in London.  Constantine senses someone watching him and while trying to locate the source bumps into the manager and a fight breaks out.  The Legends are drunk and use their powers to settle the fight which cause Shakespeare to change Romeo and Juliet into a action story.
In the present, book club realizes the away team has messed up.  Ray and Nate go back to talk to Shakespeare.  Ray said that stories need endings even if they are difficult.  Shakespeare knows how he should end the story but hasn’t because he will miss the characters.  Ray’s words inspire Shakespeare to tell the correct end to the story.  Nate overhears Ray telling Shakespeare that he is leaving the Waverider and gets mad at Ray for not telling him sooner.
When the future doesn’t correct itself, the Legends learn that Shakespeare’s manager took back the extension and he has no money to rent a theatre or pay actors.  The Legends decide to put on the play themselves.
Nate starts performing as Juliet but the words help him to realize he needs to say goodbye to Ray before he leaves.  Turning over the roll to Zari, Nate returns to the Waverider and catches Ray before he leaves and they say a heartfelt goodbye.
Meanwhile Astra is deciding if she can trust Constantine to assemble the Loom of Fate.
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