Where To Follow The Cast Of ‘Big Brother’ Season 24!

Have you social media stalked the new Big Brother cast yet? Check out the social handles of the bb24 house!

We cannot WAIT to see what this summer has in store. Who will be this season’s villain, the fan-favorite, and most importantly, who will walk away with the $750,000 grand prize?! July means an all-new season of Big Brother with brand new faces. Take a look at the social accounts of these new houseguests!

Alyssa Snider

Alyssa is adorable! Her Instagram is @alyssasnida and is full of candid shots of her in super cute ‘fits. She already has a strong following with 55k, does this mean she could potentially be the fan-favorite of BB24?


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Jasmine Davis

Jasmine is known as a digital creator on Instagram with 27k followers. Her account is @TheJasmineMonroe and contains lifestyle, beauty, and fashion posts; sharing how important being a black woman in business as well as a business owner is to her. She seems strategic, yet nice and approachable; we bet she’ll have tons of allies on her side this season.

Marvin Achi

Marvin is fit! He is guaranteed to win every physical competition this season, but will he end up putting a target on his own back by being a threat to the rest of the house? Follow him on TikTok and Instagram @MarvinAchi.


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Nicole Layog

Layog was a police officer turned private chef, who is now known as, “The Butcher Goddess” on her Instagram; she is a private chef on yachts and in homes and seems like the type of houseguest people might underestimate. She may be like previous houseguests and not even tell people she was a cop to benefit her own social game; we’ll have to wait and see. Her handle on Instagram is @thebutchergoddess11, although she’s on private.

Brittany Hoopes

Brittany is everything! Her personality seems so bubbly and cute, we are sure she is going to go far this season. She seems like the type of friend to be the mediator of the group, keeping everyone level-headed and calm which makes sense considering she’s a certified clinical hypnotist. Her husband is running her Instagram in the meantime so be sure to check out her account @Britt.Hoopes.


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Brittany Hoopes Hypnosis (@britt.hoopes) • Instagram photos and videos

Michael Bruner

Michael looks like such a genuinely nice guy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is secretly a genius like Steve in BB17 and ends up winning it all! His Instagram is so casual, and can be found as @MichaelBruner3 where he shares memorable moments like his passing the bar exam! We’re all rooting for you, Michael!


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Taylor Hale

Taylor Hale seems very chill and lowkey, like more of an observer within the house this summer. Although her Instagram, @taylorhale44, is private, we know that she is 27 years old, from Michigan, and was even crowned Miss Michigan in 2021. As a pageant queen, she is for sure going to go far with her social game alone! Check her out in this TikTok.

@jessikateriley Reposted from my @Taylor Hale girl! Watch to the very end for some JessiKate realness 😂 #missusa #pageantryreimagined #candid #ootd ♬ original sound – jessikate

Monte Taylor

Monte is another houseguest that is big into fitness. He shares photos of his workouts and daily meals on his account @Taylord_fit_ and runs a one-on-one fitness training business. He is definitely going to be having some competition with Marvin this season.


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Paloma Aguilar

Paloma is beautiful and she might be one of those houseguests who keep everyone on their toes! She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 and seems like she’d make the most perfect houseguest, brains, personable and athletic. On top of how well-rounded she seems, she also takes kickboxing lessons. It looks like she’ll be one to win tons of HOH competitions and have allies to back her up. Check out her account @Paloma.Angeliki for more of her!


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Paloma Aguilar (@paloma.angeliki) • Instagram photos and videos

Daniel Durston

Daniel seems so cool! He looks like the type of houseguest who will be the one to start allies and run the house for a while. He seems incredibly charismatic and can be seen in Las Vegas as a professional Elvis tribute artist. Check him out on Instagram @DanielDurston.


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Indy Santos

Indy is so cute! She is a corporate flight attendant from Brazil and seems super down-to-earth. Follow her on Instagram @IndySantosOfficial to see all of her poolside pics.

Kyle Capener

Kyle looks like he is definitely going to be the flirt of the house. He is already the most popular guest among the fans with 90k followers on Instagram @KyleCapener. He is so cute and fit and shows off a bit of his personality online with candid photos. We are wishing him the best of luck this season!


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There were a few cast members we weren’t able to find on social media, but we still made some predictions about them!

Ameerah Jones

Ameerah is a 31-year-old UX content designer. She looks so sweet and genuine and considering how far your social game can take you in this house, we are sure she will go far this season.

Matthew Turner

Also known as “Turner”, Matthew seems like a sweetheart! He is one of the youngest houseguests, at 23 years old, and is a thrift store owner in Massachusetts. He seems like he will have a houseguest or two he trusts in the house but stick to his own strategy for the most part. We can’t wait to watch him!

Joe Pucciarelli

Otherwise known as “Pooch”, Joe seems like he might be the houseguest to get himself eliminated too early. Based on the photo that’ll be used in the house, he seems very confident and sure of himself. Sometimes houseguests get too ahead of themselves while in the Big Brother house, leading their confidence in competition to quickly turn into cockiness. As long as that doesn’t happen to him, he is sure to do great. We’d hate to see him throw off his own game plan.

Terrance Higgins

Terrance is the oldest houseguest of the bunch, but don’t let that fool you, he looks like stiff competition. He is 47 years old and a city bus operator from Chicago. We predict he will have the best social game in the house and be everyone’s best friend by the end of this summer. Or will he end up being BB24’s villain?

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