Where The Characters From ‘Friends’ Would Be Now!

Have you ever wondered what Monica, Chandler, Joey, and the rest of the gang would be up to now? Well, we have a few theories! 

It’s been 18 years since this legendary sitcom last graced our television screens. The show ended with one final lovingly sarcastic remark from Chandler, asking the rest of the gang where they would go to drink a last cup of coffee together. The scene comes to a close as the friends say goodbye to Monica’s purple apartment and walk out the door. From that moment on, the characters’ lives were left up to the viewers’ imaginations. Would Ross and Rachel get married after Rachel got off the plane? Would Joey ever find love stronger than his love connection with sandwiches? Can Phoebe thrive in a conventional marriage? Will Monica and Chandler be happy living in the suburbs of New York and away from the city? We came up with a few theories to answer these questions of where the characters of Friends would be now, decades later. 

Ross Geller: 

Although Ross dedicated his life to learning the patterns of dinosaurs and studying science, he could have never predicted the outcome of his own life. In love with his sister’s best friend, Rachel Greene for what seemed like an eternity, it appeared inevitable that the couple would end up together. This paleontologist would most likely have continued working in his field, receiving praise for his doctoral dissertation and research. His equally successful wife, Rachel Greene would move through the ranks of Ralph Lauren and eventually become the Chief Creative Officer. Together, the team would be unstoppable and unconditional with their love for their daughter Emma. At this time Emma would be 20 years old and on her own life adventure as a sophomore in college. There is no doubt Ross would be a great dad who makes time with his daughter as well as his son Ben, who is now 29 years old. After his kids went off to college and into the workforce, Ross would make new music on his very special keyboard. We think Ross would go viral on TikTok for his sick beats! Gen Z’s love his videos, and Ross loves the attention. Ross and Rachel definitely would have packed their bags and followed their BFFs to the suburbs. Living in neighborhoods only 5 minutes away from each other, Emma and her twin cousins would grow up together, starting a new generation of friends. 

Rachel Greene: 

Honest and confident, years later Rachel still carries herself with poise. Rachel would have continued her dream of having her own success and independence through her career. Working her way up to the position of Ralph Lauren’s Chief Creative Officer, Rachel would be accomplishing great things in her work life. She would keep up with the newer fashion trends and even have her own Poshmark account! However, Rachel’s sensitive and kind side would also make her a perfect mother to Emma. They definitely would have a healthy mother, daughter/best friend type of relationship. Whereas Ross would be the parent to send Emma to her room. Rachel is always mindful not to push Emma in any one direction in life, but rather allow her to make her own decisions, letting her become a self resilient and independent person. Rachel and Emma would love to shop together, but instead of Bloomingdales, Emma would drag her mother to Urban Outfitters. Rachel would bond with her daughter by telling her stories about her and Ross’ past, like how she convinced Ross’ girlfriend to shave her head and how Ross tried to save Rachel’s prom. 

Phoebe Buffay: 

Phoebe lives a happy life full of oddities that keep her quirky nature alive and thriving. She and Mike don’t move out of the city, but instead, enjoy the comfort of their centrally located apartment. Phoebe continues to play music for Central Perk and other local venues. Keeping her musical spirits alive, she continues her artistic endeavors by opening up an art school for children. She encourages kids to find their voice through all kinds of art whether it be singing, playing instruments, painting, or all of the above! This venture is the perfect way for Phoebe to give kids opportunities that she never had growing up. Phoebe and Mike also donate to the children’s charity every year. Phoebe adopts as many cats as her apartment can fit, but her favorite feline will always be smelly cat. In her spare time, Phoebe strums the guitar and even gets into tarot card reading. 

 Joey Tribbiani: 

Our lovable actor would of course go on to win multiple acting awards for his work in Days of Our Lives and the many movies he would be asked to work in! After a long run of playing his character Dr. Drake Ramoray’s twin, Joey would have definitely decided to open his very own sandwich shop where he meets the love of his life. Switching focus from his career to a family, Joey would finally settle down with someone who loves sandwiches as much as he does. Coming from a big Italian family himself, Joey would want to have a crew of little mini Tribbianis running around. In his spare time, Joey would act in commercials and discover new sandwich recipes. Chandler and Monica kept their promise of building a room just for Joey himself and would for sure visit every few months and stay in his guest room. 

 Chandler Bing:

The king of sarcasm would naturally dominate Dad jokes. Raising his two twins, Chandler would find parenting comes more easily to him than he ever would have believed. Chandler would probably have lost the battle with the rest of his family, and he would have bought a dog. There is no doubt that Chandler strives to be the best dad he can be, as well as the best husband for Monica. The two would go out on date nights frequently and continue their tradition of making each other gifts instead of buying them! In his career, Chandler finally made the switch from a “transponster,” as Rachel put it, to a full-time comic writer. His Archie comics were a major hit, and his viewers wanted more! 

Monica Geller: 

There’s no doubt that Monica would be an amazing mother. Her lifelong dream was to raise a family of her own. Moving to the suburbs, Monica would be the ideal mom, running the PTA bake sale and hosting her kids’ play dates, the Bing’s home would be the place all the kids on the block would want to hang out. Monica of course keeps up with her hosting skills and would provide a never-ending supply of delicious chocolate chip cookies. Her home would always be tidy and full of love! After Monica parted ways with her kids who went off to college, she continued to pursue her dream of being a head chef at her own restaurant. The five-star joint would be the place in town that everyone goes to. Monica would create a whole new network of friends through her restaurant, but once a month the original group would get together for dinner there. 

No matter what, we know our favorite friends would remain a solid group for the rest of their lives. Taking turns visiting each other on holidays and for family dinners, the gang would stay as close as they possibly can over the years. No matter how much time passes, the six iconic friends will remain true to who they are while staying as connected as ever!

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