Where are ‘90 Day Fiancé’s’ Josh & Aleksandra Now?

Josh and Aleksandra seemed to be a match made in heaven, even though they had their fair of hardships during the season. But were they able to make it through years of marriage? Here is where the couple is now!

Who: Josh & Aleksandra

Season: 90 Day Fiancé season 3

Status: Married

90 Day Recap:

This couple is one of the younger ones in 90 Day history, Josh being 22 and Aleksandra being 21. The two met in Prague while Josh was on a Mormon mission and Aleksandra was attending Metropolitan University Prague. Aleksandra was originally an atheist but converted to Mormonism after meeting Josh. Aleksandra came from a big partying background and was even employed as a go-go dancer, something that would make Aleksandra nervous when meeting Josh’s family.

After Josh left Prague the two kept in touch and started long-distance dating. When Josh visited her in Russia in 2015 he proposed and the two started the 90-day visa journey.

Once in America, the couple had a fairly easy time with everything. They had a few disputes over where to settle down and when to start a family but aside from that everything went smoothly. They were married in August of 2015.

Where are they now?

The couple is still together and happily married. Soon after their marriage, the two welcomed their first child, a daughter named Kaya in March of 2016. Kaya looked biracial when she was born which sparked rumors that Aleksandra had cheated on Josh. The negative attention got to a point where they decided to not do any more reality shows or spin-offs and have stayed out of the limelight, including all photos of their children off social media.

Josh also graduated from Creighton University in 2016. He wanted to go to medical school afterward but wasn’t able to get into a good school so instead took a year off and worked for his father.

In 2018 he enrolled in a medical school in Brisbane Australia and the family moved abroad. He has since completed his schooling.

In 2019 the couple welcomed their second child, this time a son. The family is now back in the US living in New Orleans where Josh is a resident at the local hospital.

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