Where are ‘90 Day Fiancé’s’ Jorge & Anfisa Now?

Jorge and Anfisa had a whirlwind romance during their time on the show with more ups and downs than we can count. The big question is though, where are they now?

Who: Jorge & Anfisa

Season: 90 Day Fiancé season 4; 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After seasons 2&3

Status: Filed for Divorce

90 Day Recap:

Anfisa Arkhipchenko was 20 years old from Moscow, Russia, and Jorge Nava was 27 from Riverside, California. The two met through Facebook after Jorge saw photos of Anfisa online and fell in “love”.

Anfisa was always upfront about her main reason for being with Jorge was always about money. In fact, the first time they met in person the two embarked on an expensive trip around Europe. Even after they were engaged and the 90-day visa had been approved, Anfisa blocked Jorge and canceled her flight when he refused to buy her a $10,000 handbag. The two made up and Anfisa made her way to the US, but unfortunately, that isn’t where the fights ended.

Once Anfisa was in America she was very demanding on Jorge buying her things and providing for her. Many people felt bad for Jorge until it came out he had lied to Anfisa about how much money he had, and what he promised her before she made the move. He also gave her a lot of money and gifts before she made the move. On top of that, due to Jorge having pled guilty to marijuana trafficking he had a hard time obtaining an apartment for the two and when they did find one, it didn’t meet Anfisa’s expectations. He also didn’t buy her the wedding dress or engagement ring that she wanted.

Jorge’s family and friends were not only concerned about Anfisa’s motives but openly expressed their dislike for her to both Jorge and Anfisa. When Jorge didn’t stand up for her to his family, it started another major fight between the couple.

When Anfisa admitted the superficial reasons she was with Jorge, she argued that he was only with her for her looks, so they weren’t that different. Their fights continued and Anfisa even threatened to go back to Russia.

Through it, the two ended up getting married in a small courthouse ceremony and Jorge promised to get Anfisa a ring and hold a bigger ceremony for her with her friends and family later. The latter never happened.

After they were married the two still couldn’t manage to get along, and on the “Tell All” Jorge accused Anfisa of being a stripper, prostitute, porn actress, and escort. Later he admitted that he made it up because he was upset with her. Anfisa tracked Jorge’s phone, often berated him with phone calls, and changed his computer password when she was upset.

Where are they now?

“Surprisingly” the two are no longer together.

Jorge went to prison in February of 2018 for transporting 293lbs of marijuana. During his two and a half year sentence, Anfisa said the couple tried to make their marriage work, but were vastly unhappy and made the decision to separate. She quickly moved on with a man named Leo, whom she now lives with.

Jorge tells the story differently, however, claiming Anfisa moved on before they made any actual decision and abandoned him while he was in prison. He also said that since they were still legally married that she cheated on him. It seems no matter what transpires between these two their fighting will always remain constant.

Anfisa currently is working on her body-building career and fitness career. She also came out with a fitness app where you can learn to work out and eat like her.

Jorge was released from prison in May of 2020. He got an early release due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While in jail Jorge shed 128lbs, getting his revenge body. He has also moved on with a woman he calls “the love of my life”, and the two announced they are expecting their first child together in November of 2020.

Jorge filed for divorce from his Russian bride in August of 2020, but as far as we are aware the two are still legally married.

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