Where ‘90 Day Fiancé’s’ Danny & Amy Are Now!

Danny and Amy were definitely one of the most adorable and wholesome couples in 90 Day history! Despite some family negativity, the two made it down the aisle, but where are they now? 

Who: Danny & Amy Frishmuth

Season: 90 Day Fiancé Season 2

Status: Married

90 Day Recap

Danny was from Norristown, Pennsylvania, and Amy was from Cape Town, South Africa, when they met in Australia during a Bible study trip.

They fell in love and were soon engaged. They filed for their visa, and Amy was on her way to America to start her fairytale. However, once in America, they did not have a romantic beginning to their married life.

Amy stayed with Danny’s brother since, due to his religion, he wanted them to remain virgins until their wedding night. However, they got barely any alone time due to this, with Danny’s brother even sitting between the couple during a movie night.

The toughest roadblock, however, came from Danny’s father. He didn’t approve of interracial marriage and wasn’t shy to let Amy know. However, after a while, he changed his mind and gave his blessing for the two to get married.

Despite the roadblocks, the couple ended the season married.

Where are they now?

Danny and Amy are still together and have started a family. The couple welcomed their son, Jedidiah (whom they call Jed), in 2015, and their daughter, Anna, two years after that, and are currently pregnant with their third child.

They currently live in Texas and work on countless DIY projects around their home. Also, in their spare time, the two build churches and volunteer as church counselors.

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