What We Think Will Happen On Tonight’s ‘The Bachelor’ Finale!

Part one of the two-part finale of The Bachelor had Bachelor Nation at the edges of their seats the entire time. What is going to happen on tonight’s finale? There are so many unanswered questions but here are our thoughts! 

Last night we were left with Clayton explaining to his family that he wants to get Susie back and he needs to try again with her. What is going to happen with Gabby and Rachel? Will Susie take Clayton back? Will Clayton end up with one of the final three? Here are three things we think are going to happen on tonight’s finale of The Bachelor.

Susie Comes Back (For Now)

Last night we were left with a cliffhanger finding out that Susie is still in Iceland. After everything that happened, will Susie get back together with Clayton and give him another shot? This is a question that has Bachelor Nation going crazy. Tonight Bachelor Nation believes that Susie is going to give Clayton another shot by talking to him. However, after everything that went down last week they do not think that Susie will be taking him back for good.

Gabby and Rachel Leave Together

Bachelor Nation believes that Gabby and Rachel are the dynamic duos that we did not know we needed. We are rooting for Gabby and Rachel to leave together and find true love without Clayton. They have been through so much and deserve some girl bonding!

Clayton Doesn’t Get Engaged

After begging Gabby and Rachel to stay Clayton decides that he still wants Susie back. This has Bachelor Nation believing that neither Gabby nor Rachel will be able to forgive Clayton and get engaged to him on tonight’s episode. Susie MAY give Clayton another shot and speak to him but Bachelor Nation is doubtful that an engagement for them is going to happen.

What do you think is going to happen on tonight’s season finale of The Bachelor? Will Clayton leave with one of the final three? Make sure to tune in tonight for the live finale and find out who the new Bachelorette will be!

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