What We Learned From This Year’s Grammys

After this year’s Grammy Awards on Sunday, here is a breakdown of everything we enjoyed and what we’d like to see at next year’s ceremony. 

Due to COVID-19, the 2021 Grammys needed to reimagine how they would celebrate music’s biggest night. With creativity and hard work, the Recording Academy gave artists and audiences a new and exciting award show experience. Here is everything we loved about this year’s Grammys and what we want to see for future ceremonies.

An Intimate Performance Space

Rather than one big stage at the front like in the Staples Center, the ceremony had each performer sing on their own mini-set on various stages. There were no fans or artists in seats dancing along, but artists could perform together in the same space. They could watch each other perform from only a couple of feet away.

This setup allowed fun shots of other artists’ reactions to other performers’ music. One of the nights’ more memorable moments included Billie Eilish and Harry Styles bopping along to each other’s sets.

The multiple stages also allowed certain performers like Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Megan Thee Stallion to take advantage of their own space.

Swift gave us a magical fairytale escape with a little log house and green moss.

Dua Lipa zapped us into the future with her pink and purple colored space set

Megan Thee Stallion showed us some classy confidence with a gold ballroom-styled stage.

We’d love to see the Grammys incorporate these intimate inspired performances for next year!

Honoring Independent Music Venues

While the Grammys usually have different musical artists, actors, and sometimes influencers present the awards, it was heartwarming to see staff members from independent music venues get the chance. Music venues are one of the significant locations where artists first begin showcasing and honing their talent. It’s important to honor the places that help talent grow. Hopefully, next year they’ll continue with this special tradition.

The Award Room

Usually, the Grammys present their awards in one big concert venue. This year, performers sat at tables outside on a rooftop of the Los Angeles Convention Center and would rotate depending on what award was being announced. This allowed more intimate connections among the artists and more focus on the performers and music itself.

It also allowed for some great moments where different artists interacted.

Audiences got to see the sweet interaction between Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé after they won the award of Best Rap Song for “Savage Remix”

Fans also got to witness some behind the scene footage of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles catching up.

️ | Video of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles talking to each other at the #GRAMMYs! [via. @RecordingAcad] pic.twitter.com/jXNx1Y7W4O

— Taylor Swift News | TSwiftinAsia (@TSwiftinAsia) March 15, 2021

We need to see all of these iconic celebrity interactions next year!

What Needs To Be Changed. . . More Transparency

After The Weeknd was snubbed with zero Grammy nominations for his album, After Hours, he made a statement to the New York Times that he would boycott future Grammy Awards. On Twitter, he expressed his frustration with the lack of transparency from the Recording Academy.

Zayn Malik also spoke out on Twitter regarding the Recording Academy’s need for more inclusion during the whole process.

While the Grammys are making more strides with inclusion and diversity with their nominations, artists and fans believe more work needs to be done. They hope the Grammys can use this experience as a learning tool to make more improvements in the following years.

Award shows will continue to evolve as years go by, and we can’t wait to see how the Grammys will operate next year!

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