What To Watch If You Love Netflix’s ‘Hit & Run’

If you’re loving Netflix’s new show Hit & Run here are 4 other shows you have to watch!

Netflix’s new suspense thriller Hit & Run has featured some excellent acting and powerful emotional moments. I loved Lior Raz’s portrayal of the Israeli tour guide Segev Azulai as he embarks on a desperate search to find the truth about his wife’s death. Raz is also a writer for the show collaborating with his Fauda co-writer Avi Issacharoff. The gripping yet vulnerable narrative really boils down to one man’s love for his wife, who seemingly died of a hit-and-run accident. The show also features powerful performances from Sanaa Lathan and Moran Rosenblatt who give a layered portrayal of their characters. The ominous setting of the show was exemplified by the dual location shot between Tel Aviv and New York City.

Here are four other thrillers you may like if you are enjoying the new miniseries:


One of Israel’s most popular TV shows, Fauda again features Lior Raz as Doron Kavillio, a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces. The thriller explores the Hamas conflict in Israel and has powerful emotional moments regarding Doron’s family. Raz himself was enrolled in the Israeli Defense Forces in his youth along with Issacharoff and the writers infuse the show with their real-life experiences. Fauda was renewed for a fourth season in late 2020 and is available to stream on Netflix.

The Spy

Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Spy is based on top Mossad agent Eli Cohen in a partly fictionalized version of his story. It revolves around how Cohen establishes himself among Syrian officials and infiltrates the Ministry of Defense. The story leads up to the Six-Day War between Syria and Israel. The positively received miniseries are available to stream on Netflix.


An Israeli spy-thriller, Tehran features a young Jewish Mossad agent, Tamar going undercover in Tehran, which also happens to be her birthplace. The story follows her mission which eventually leads her to discover her roots. The show was recently renewed for a second season and is streaming on AppleTV+.

Our Boys

The HBO miniseries follows Jewish and Arab tensions in relation with the 2014 kidnapping and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, a retaliation caused by the kidnapping of three Jewish boys at the hands of Hamas operatives. This real-world tragedy is portrayed with emotional compassion and complexity in this TV series. The critically acclaimed Israeli American show has won big awards in Israel and was also nominated for Peabody Award.

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