What To Expect on ‘Love Is Blind: After The Alter’

Want to know what happened after the couples said “I do”? Love Is Blind: After The Altar is coming July 28th. Find out what to expect here!

Over two years ago a group of singles put their hearts on the line and entered the Netflix show Love Is Blind hoping to find their other halves. Coming July 28th, is Love Is Blind: After The Altar where we see where the couples and singles are now. Tune in this Wednesday to see how the couples are dealing with their married lifestyles, which singles are doing well and who is still on their search for love.

Cameron and Lauren along with Amber and Matt got their “Pod Squad” back together to celebrate their two year wedding anniversaries. Lauren and Amber were given very heartfelt speeches from their spouses to express their love and gratitude. The two married couples are now in talks about starting a new chapter in their lives, involving cribs and diapers, but some are in a bigger rush than others.

Mark has been quite busy since he was left at the altar by Jessica, but you could make a case that he has been up to no good. During the Love Is Blind: After The Altar 3 episode special, Mark was the talk of the town, but he had other priorities, including his new born baby, on his plate than showing up to defend himself. Tensions rise between the women as Amber steps up to defend Mark as the lines get blurred between what is right and what is wrong. Jessica is not the only Love Is Blind star Mark has taken a crack at but where does the list of women start and where does it end. Most of the questions behind Mark are still unanswered but lots of the backstory involving fowl play is revealed.

Diamond, who did not find love on the show, brings a new date to the anniversary party after seeing a connection with her mystery man. She has shown that as she has entered into her 30s and is ready to settle down and find her Prince Charming. Is the mystery man her true love or did he not live up to her and her friends expectations?

Love is Blind: After the Alter Review

There is one complicated relationship that everyone has been wondering about. Giannina and Damian’s saga continues into Love Is Blind: After The Alter. Francesca Farago, Too Hot To Handle star, has entered the mix and was even invited to the two year anniversary party as a plus 1. Giannina and Francesca meet and find lots to talk about under their paparazzi pictured love triangle. The real question is has Francesca been hanging out with Damian as friends or is it more?

See how they keep their love alive and for those who didn’t find true love how they have moved on. The Love Is Blind: After The Altar is filled with tears, smiles, drama, love and more.

Tune in to Netflix on July 28th to see what is happening with your favorite Love Is Blind stars!